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Ben Sollee

On Friday, October 7th, some friends and I  attended an Elephant Revival/Ben Sollee concert.

Although both groups ended up being pretty amazing, I originally went to go see Ben Sollee play.

The above is a (cellphone quality) video of Ben Sollee talking/playing. I’m pretty sure that is the same first noise that I heard on a cello. Haha.

Fun times…

Bonus: Here’s some pictures of Sparrow, Nate, and I (and Kirsten, my roommate, hiding in the first one) trick-or-treating in the residence halls.


I keep completely forgetting to post. Between school and life… I’ve been non-stop running. I’m ready for the semester to wrap itself up.





Always a Project

I’ve been having trouble remembering to write a blog post every week. The minute I feel ahead of school work this semester, I quickly realize I’m behind. There’s always a project. There’s always a homework assignment. There’s always a test.

It’s a race to the finish line where hurdles enjoy launching themselves out of the ground in front of you.

“Phew… finally finished that homework assignment. It’s finally the weekend…time to rel-oh wait… there is also a project and paper for this same class due this Monday.”

Really though, I am enjoying (most of) my classes this semester. There’s a lot more hands on assignments than past semesters. For example, the 3D printer which I talked about in a previous post and the little car that I’m building for my embedded systems course.

I wish I had recorded a video from the last project. The car drove around in little shapes (circle, figure 8, and triangle). I might have to upload that code again and make a future post showing that. Haha.

This video is from this weeks homework assignment.

Here’s another video from our updated 3D printer. The pictures above are from our first test print after the ramps conversion (different firmware and hardware from my previous post). The bottom of the cube turned out a little funky but the rest is pretty decent.

Anyways, have a great weekend, my friends.

Welcome, Fall.


3D Printer!


Just wanted to share some pictures/videos of the 3D printer that my group in Junior Design put together.

This 3D printer was built from one of the cheapest kits you can buy. Although the manual was kind of confusing, it wasn’t too difficult to build.

Now, we are suppose to improve on this design and then use this printer to make our own. Meaning, use a 3D printer to print off parts for another 3D printer.

Pretty fun stuff.

I know this next one is sideways… oops!

Here is our first print! It might look a little rough because we were having issues removing it from the printer bed… this was right before we twisted it free.


*The first picture is from Kyle Ward, one of my teammates in Junior Design.

Vanilla Bean Moon

So, I made a post a few months back about getting one of my pictures onto a bottle of Jones soda.

Well, we finally found it on an actual bottle (mom found it)!

I just thought I would share that in a quick post this week.

Have a wonderful Labor Day, my friends.

Take care of yourselves.


Rice and Ramen

You know what has been one of my favorite items to have at college?

My rice cooker.

As I type this, I’m actually eating rice and studying thermodynamics. It’s a party.

I enjoy making rice… it’s easy and cheap. A good college student meal. Like ramen noodles. Haha

I always have a bottle of low sodium soy sauce on hand but you can also add some seaweed, vegetables, fried egg, ect. You can pretty much add whatever you like to rice. It’s a pretty blank slate.

I’ve just finished my first full week of my 4th year of college. I can already tell it’s going to be a… busy semester.

I’m excited and slightly dreading it all at the same time.

Another semester… here I come. Or should I say… here you come.




Welcome Freshman!

My brother moved in to UNCA yesterday. It’s his first year of college. He’s also going to be doing the Mechatronics Engineering program here.

Welcome to college, little freshman.

May you have many adventures like….

Trying to put fitted sheets on a bunked bed…

Actually winning a game of pool in the Game Room (because of skill or accident)…

Learning your lesson about doing your assignments last minute…

Trying something in the cafeteria even though it is a little sketchy…

Getting a little lost on an ART bus adventure (not too lost, stay safe)…

And many other exciting adventures! Haha

May you all have a wonderful year! You can do it!


Caution: A Super Yummy Mess


Yesterday, we made biscuit doughnuts!

Or doughnuts made out of biscuit dough…

You can make these with just some canned biscuit dough, oil, and cinnamon sugar.

First, you lay out your biscuit dough and use a little cookie cutter to take holes out of the middle of the dough. You then place the doughnut into hot oil and let it fry (you can do this with the doughnut holes too). After it is fried on both sides, remove the dough and set it aside (we used a plate with a paper towel). After they cool just a tad, dip both sides of the doughnut in cinnamon sugar and TADA! DOUGHNUTS!

I must say… they were pretty yummy. They definitely satisfied the craving I have had lately for fried dough rings! Haha. Just make sure you eat them over a plate or outside because the cinnamon sugar will get everywhere.

We used canned flaky biscuit dough (sourdough). We stayed away from “buttered” dough but I’m sure that would work too. Two bigger sized cans made about 16 doughnuts/doughnut holes.

Also, make sure your oil is hot enough to fry… the first doughnut hole we tried got super flaky and fell apart while it was cooking. Oops.

Another successful, yummy experiment!

P1210660 (2)

Ignore the screwdriver in the background… I used those to replace my laptop keyboard and forgot to move them…

Bullet Journal: Month Two

This is just a summary of how my bullet journal has evolved over the last month. This is my second month using a bullet journal and it’s already evolved quite a bit from when I first started.

For example, I have started to include more quotes throughout the month… the above picture is one example.

P1210635 (2)

This months “theme” was banners and ribbons. I tried to do a little more than just plain  colored boxes everyday.

Although I soon grew tired of drawing/coloring in a new banner everyday and decided to go with this layout for the month of August. Yes, my cursive got a little funny for some of the headings. Oh well! The mistakes make it mine.

P1210653 (2)

I really like this layout so far because it allows me to draw it all out the weekend before and then I just have to fill it in as the week progresses. This also leaves me room to write about my day or add colorful quotes. After school starts back up, this blank space will probably be use to write down upcoming homework assignments/meetings.

As you can see, it also has a place to write down things I’m grateful for that day. I started this midway through July and its proved to be nice to list off some positives everyday. This also has a mini tracker for the amount of water I’ve had for the day. Hopefully this will work better than my other full month tracker that crashed and burned last month…


The following is very similar to my June and July events page. I have really enjoyed having this page at the start of every month. This allows me to list out all the events and appointments planned for the month.

P1210651 (2)

Last but not least… this is my last page for July. I decided to add a little more color. I have blurred out the top of the page.

P1210648 (2)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.



Summer Adventures

I ended up skipping last weeks post… so here’s a summary of the last two weeks…

On the 20th, my family went to the Emerald Village Mine for my brothers 20th birthday. It proved to be a fun place to visit and explore. It’s a good environment for families and the people working there were all very nice.

On the 21st, my 6 year-old brother started 1st grade. So far, he seems to be enjoying it… although I don’t think he understands that he still has 12 years left (including this one) before he can go to college. All he’s seen at my college is fun… so of course he would want to go!

P1210624 (2)

Then on the 22nd, Torey and I went on a tour of Sierra Nevada in Mills River, NC. Talk about a cool place. The facility is beautiful and the process that goes into making their beer… all the machinery… it’s fascinating. Now, I’m not much of a beer drinker but that tour was still very much worth it. Another great thing about it? It’s free! Always a plus. (Slideshow has 7 pictures)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My grandparents have been here for a few weeks from Colorado… it’s always nice to see family. We’ve gone on a few adventures. They went with us to the mines, to the North Carolina Arboretum, and down to Greenville, SC. It was nice to spend some time with them.

During this last week…

Our septic has been fixed. The yard is torn apart but everything is working and up to code now… so that’s great. I was getting very sick of using a porta potty. Haha. I’m glad that no one in the family is too “high and mighty” to suck it up and deal with the situation presented to us. You just have to kind of deal with stuff like that. Still, very… very glad that has all been worked out.

We’ve also bought a “new” washer and dryer after the dryer almost caused an electrical fire and the washer stopped working correctly. It seems to be a very nice set so far…It’s kind of hard to imagine how these people upgraded from this set.

The blog also just celebrated a year anniversary on the 27th. Yay! Here’s to another year of me writing about whatever comes to my mind!



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