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July 2015

Peanut Noodles


The other night, my family made some peanut noodles.

Although the picture above doesn’t do it justice (I’m not the best at plating)…

It was really quite yummy… and spicy.

We made the sauce from a Gado Gado recipe we had tried before.



(Sorry this is so small… if you want to read it, you could probably open it in another tab and zoom in…?)

The Gado Gado, though not one of our favorites, is also worth trying!

With the peanut noodles we mixed in bean sprouts, red cabbage, chicken, cilantro, cucumbers, and green onions.

Though you could really add whatever you wanted (if anything)!

Fairly quick… pretty easy… quite yummy meal.


Here’s a picture of the red cabbage…

I thought it was really pretty when we cut it but the more I tried to get a picture.. the more it looked like some sort of brain to me.

Brains are pretty too, right?


Would you like your milk in a bag?

I tend to always use self check-out…

It’s more of a “I like to do it myself” than a social thing.

The Harris Teeter I worked at had self check-out…

Though I think a lot of the customers preferred the normal registers.

Many HT customers liked to have conversations while I was checking out their groceries.

Most even knew the question routine…

“Find everything you were looking for today?”

“Do you have your VIC card?”

“Would you like plastic or paper?”

“Would you like your milk in a bag?”

Usually people would just say “yes” or “no” to the last question…

But once in a while I got “Um… I would rather keep it in the jug…”

That got me thinking…

How fun would it be, if they said yes, to look them right in the eye, open their milk, and dump it in a grocery sack?

I sure wouldn’t know how to respond if I was the customer.

Granted… I decided it was probably best not to get fired over some spilled milk.

Soon We’ll Be Found – Sia

I have become a bit obsessed with this music video in the last week or so…

I especially love the painted hands with the black outfits.

Not exactly sure why but it makes me want to paint my hands yellow and wear a black dress around… haha

Not to mention the song has become super stuck in my head.

I can’t get the chorus out!



A few weeks ago, my family went on a road trip…

Up to Canada/ Niagara Falls and then down the Northern coast some.

We stopped at one beach area in New Hampshire and came upon this sign.


“OH, cool! SEALS?!”

But of course, we were met with this…


A beach void of any seals.

Probably for the best… I could see it being difficult to keep the little ones away.

Still a beautiful beach with lots of other interesting things to explore.

Here’s the website that was on the bottom of that sign.

“Ocean education is what we do. We educate to motivate. We want everyone to recognize and understand that what we do every day has an impact on the health of the ocean and that ocean health impacts our daily lives. A healthy ocean drives our quality of life today and will for future generations.”

A Mane of Red Curls

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m an older sister to three younger siblings.

Isaac, who is 19 years old…

Nate, who is 5 years old…

And Sparrow, who is 16 months old.

With the two younger ones I have come to expect “interesting moments.”

Lets face it… kids are strange… they say strange things.

Up until about a week ago… I use to work at Harris Teeter as a cashier.

I decided to discontinue my work there for the summer.

Anyways… some of my favorite moments during the day were when a kid would come through my line.

They always like to “help”…or they say something like “she looks like Elsa!”…

Or they pluck out a piece of their hair and expect you to hold onto it forever.

This little boy was probably about 4 years old and had an amazing head of red curls.

(A bit like the boy pictured above… though that is not him.)

We had a nice conversation about his favorite superheros and how he made a strawberry cake outside.

He reminded me a bit of my brother, Nate.

Then I turned to his mom and commented on how beautiful his hair was and she told me she just couldn’t bring herself to cut it.

The whole time the little boy is fiddling with his hair.

“Hey… hold out your hand!”

I turn to see the little boy has so carefully separated out one piece of hair and plucked it from his head.

He places it in my hand and closes my fingers around it.

“Here… this is for you. You can keep it forever, if you like. You should put it in with your hair.”

And then they finished their transaction… and left the store.

Leaving me in a mixture of confusion and laughter.

I quickly lost the piece of hair… it seemed a bit strange to actually keep it anyways…

But it seriously made my day.

Kids are strange and funny creatures…

(This picture is not mine… it’s like the third thing when you type in “red curls boy” into Google Images. Isn’t he cute though? Haha)

The Zorvig.

P1190347Hello! I hope everyone is doing well tonight!

I have decided to try and start another blog… we shall see how this works out!

Or if it is just another one of those late night thoughts that never goes anywhere… oops.

Anyways… here is a little about me… The Zorvig.

My name is Zoë Rorvig (you can probably tell how that became Zorvig).

I use to write on a blog called “The Yellow Bus.”

It was another spur of the moment decision… that lasted about 2 years.

(If you would like you can check it out at

I’m also Mechatronics Engineering major in college…

An explorer of food, eco-friendly products, and the surprises in life…

A daughter and older sister to 3 younger siblings…

An experimenter of photography…

And a friendly face. (I like hugs!)

That is just a small portion but it’s enough for a quick summary!

Anyways… I would love to get to know you.

If you ever have any questions or comments for me… make sure to comment below!

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