As I mentioned yesterday, I’m an older sister to three younger siblings.

Isaac, who is 19 years old…

Nate, who is 5 years old…

And Sparrow, who is 16 months old.

With the two younger ones I have come to expect “interesting moments.”

Lets face it… kids are strange… they say strange things.

Up until about a week ago… I use to work at Harris Teeter as a cashier.

I decided to discontinue my work there for the summer.

Anyways… some of my favorite moments during the day were when a kid would come through my line.

They always like to “help”…or they say something like “she looks like Elsa!”…

Or they pluck out a piece of their hair and expect you to hold onto it forever.

This little boy was probably about 4 years old and had an amazing head of red curls.

(A bit like the boy pictured above… though that is not him.)

We had a nice conversation about his favorite superheros and how he made a strawberry cake outside.

He reminded me a bit of my brother, Nate.

Then I turned to his mom and commented on how beautiful his hair was and she told me she just couldn’t bring herself to cut it.

The whole time the little boy is fiddling with his hair.

“Hey… hold out your hand!”

I turn to see the little boy has so carefully separated out one piece of hair and plucked it from his head.

He places it in my hand and closes my fingers around it.

“Here… this is for you. You can keep it forever, if you like. You should put it in with your hair.”

And then they finished their transaction… and left the store.

Leaving me in a mixture of confusion and laughter.

I quickly lost the piece of hair… it seemed a bit strange to actually keep it anyways…

But it seriously made my day.

Kids are strange and funny creatures…

(This picture is not mine… it’s like the third thing when you type in “red curls boy” into Google Images. Isn’t he cute though? Haha)