P1190347Hello! I hope everyone is doing well tonight!

I have decided to try and start another blog… we shall see how this works out!

Or if it is just another one of those late night thoughts that never goes anywhere… oops.

Anyways… here is a little about me… The Zorvig.

My name is Zoë Rorvig (you can probably tell how that became Zorvig).

I use to write on a blog called “The Yellow Bus.”

It was another spur of the moment decision… that lasted about 2 years.

(If you would like you can check it out at theyellowbuss.blogspot.com).

I’m also Mechatronics Engineering major in college…

An explorer of food, eco-friendly products, and the surprises in life…

A daughter and older sister to 3 younger siblings…

An experimenter of photography…

And a friendly face. (I like hugs!)

That is just a small portion but it’s enough for a quick summary!

Anyways… I would love to get to know you.

If you ever have any questions or comments for me… make sure to comment below!

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