I tend to always use self check-out…

It’s more of a “I like to do it myself” than a social thing.

The Harris Teeter I worked at had self check-out…

Though I think a lot of the customers preferred the normal registers.

Many HT customers liked to have conversations while I was checking out their groceries.

Most even knew the question routine…

“Find everything you were looking for today?”

“Do you have your VIC card?”

“Would you like plastic or paper?”

“Would you like your milk in a bag?”

Usually people would just say “yes” or “no” to the last question…

But once in a while I got “Um… I would rather keep it in the jug…”

That got me thinking…

How fun would it be, if they said yes, to look them right in the eye, open their milk, and dump it in a grocery sack?

I sure wouldn’t know how to respond if I was the customer.

Granted… I decided it was probably best not to get fired over some spilled milk.