Yesterday, I talked some about how to use InkoDye and SolarFast dye.

Today I will be talking about Lumi’s (InkoDye’s) Photo Printing Kit.

This kit comes with four transparent screens (they say to use two at a time for better results), four 0.95 fl oz packets of InkoDye (blue, plum, and two blacks), and two 0.68 fl oz InkoWash packets, a project board (to slide on the inside or under your project), and some helpful instructions on how to use all of it.

Here are some examples of the types of photos that are best for this project. Have a colored photo in mind? Just change it into a black and white photo and invert it! You can do this easily with pretty much any photo editing software.

I used this photo for my project:

Which can be found here:

Here is it converted into a negative and printed onto the translucent film.

Instead of using the dye packets provided in the kit, I used the same two dyes I used for my pillow case (plum and teal).


Pictured below is the shirt before being washed with one packet of InkoWash in the washing machine.

As you can see, the hot air balloon basket didn’t turn out but it still looked like a moon in the forest, which as cool.


Final product after being washed and dried:


If you are wanting to try out sun-printing with negatives, then I would suggest a kit to start. This kit came with some good instructions and enough to make at least 4 projects (using the dye packets provided). I think mine was found at JoAnns (they often have 50% off coupons). You can also find these kits online if they are not at your local craft store.

Visit the InkoDye site for more information on this kit and how to use it…

As you can see on the InkoDye website, this kit is kind of expensive… so if you are interested… I definitely recommend looking into possible sales and/or coupons!