Want to try your hand at tie dying? Or looking for a fun kid-friendly project?

This tie dying kit from Jacquard is easy to use and comes with all the needed basics (except the item(s) you are wanting to dye).

Lay down a plastic sheet (outside! It did make quite the mess.) and give it a go!

You can follow the folds shown on the DVD included in the kit or just experiment!

It works best on fabric that is 100% cotton, so make sure to keep that in mind.

This kit includes red, yellow, and blue dye (just add water and shake) and an extra bottle with instructions on how to make orange, purple, or green dyes.

I would make sure to allow about 24 hours for this project since you have to soak your fabric for about 20 minutes before dying and let them sit in a bag for at least 12 hours (preferably 24 hours) after dying.

After letting them sit for at least 12 hours, rinse them under the hose or faucet until the water runs clear and then run them through the washing machine and dryer.

I would advise being careful washing them with other clothes for a while after that… in case the dyes decide to run.

The colors faded a bit after washing but not as much as I expected.

Here are some pictures of my final products:



Note:When I say kid-friendly… it will make quite the mess but it’s easy to create cool looking projects.