(This song really has nothing to do with the post except for the line about candy… still a good song.)

Grocery stores are dangerous places…

There are just too many ways to justify a purchase.

“I’ve never tried this… it would be an interesting experience.”

“It’s on sale this week! If I get it now, I ‘save’ money.”

“It’s useful… I need to eat.”

“It’s food…I NEED this to survive.”

Okay… maybe the last one is questionable… especially if it is something like candy.

As Gavin DeGraw says, “we can’t survive on candy.”

Maybe these are all questionable… depending on the person but for me… grocery stores are dangerous.

I’m not really drawn to buying clothes… or jewelry… or anything like that.

But food?

I always seem to stray from my lists and get a tad bit more than I mean to.

It all gets eaten though… that’s good, right?

I need to practice writing lists and actually sticking to them… maybe put some blinders on?