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September 2015

Reading Between Lines

In grade school, I was taught to read in between the lines… find what the author is really trying to say.

The curtains are not just blue… they are symbols for sadness and loneliness .

That type of thing.

I always either seemed to read too little or too much into a text. Half the time, I would just stare blankly at the page thinking, “I’m pretty sure they really meant they have blue curtains in their room.”

On Wednesday, I posted an analogy between life and being on a foggy train track… and it was brought to my attention that one could possibly read a bit more than was was actually written.

Yes… the part about the railroad track splitting into three was an analogy for having a child. No… I was not alluding to some secret pregnancy. I’m definitely not having a little train. Haha.

Nor am I unhappy in engineering. I was merely saying that my 5 year-old self would have never guessed that I would be in this program. I’m quite happy with where I’m in school.

It’s good to have readers that bring up those questions. It makes you realize just how careful writers have to be when choosing their wording.

On another note, my dad wrote a post in response to Wednesdays post… you can check it out here.

I like the night time road trip/life analogy. It makes even more sense than a train track in the fog.

Anyways, I will leave you with this song… I just think it’s a sweet song.

The above is a random moon picture I took from my backyard one night. There’s a lunar eclipse coming up, I hear. Anyone going to try to see it?


Railroad Track of Uncertainty

Life is kind of like being on a railroad track in the fog where you can only clearly see your own feet… you might be able to see ahead some and picture what is ahead but when you actually come to that point, it could be something totally different than what you thought at the time.

Maybe you come to a point where the track splits and instead of continuing to go straight, the track to your left or right looks a whole lot better. Or another persons track bumps into yours… you may ride close to their track for a while… they may completely bump you off your track. When that other persons track eventually splits from yours, they might pull you off your track a bit… unhinge one of your wheels.

Or maybe you and the other persons track splits into three… yours, theirs, and one for a new little train.

The fog behind you is cleared out some but it can still be difficult to see what you’ve just passed. You never know if an old track is looping back around to meet you again.

Somehow I went from the 5 year-old wanting to be a mommy and artist… to a marine biologist… to an environmental scientist… to a mechatronics engineer. The 5 year-old back on my railroad track would have never guessed I would be an engineer in training… that was more of my brothers track back then.

Life is just a railroad track full of uncertainty…

Above is an inspirational photo my boyfriend, Torey, put together after a lovely auto-correct.

People Don’t Come with Expiration Dates

This post is from my friend/roommates blog… The 365 project.

I remember Kirsten telling me the news about her dad last year and how my heart dropped to the lowest points of my stomach. I remember conversations of uncertainty and worry… the conversations before, during, and after the surgery.

But I also remember watching how strong she stood in situations where everything seemed to be crashing down and trying to break her. I remember stories about her dad after his surgery… how he had his goal of recovering and getting out quicker than the estimated time. Now… I’ve never even met Kirsten’s dad…. but even through pain that I can’t even imagine, he still seemed to stand strong and didn’t seem to lose his spirit.

People don’t have expiration dates. Beautifully written, Kirsten. It brought tears to my eyes and made my heart soar when I heard that your dad was finished with chemo.

The 365 Project


This a long one, but I feel like it’s the most important one I’ve written so far, so if you can, I encourage you to keep reading until the end.

On October 24th, 2014, I received a phone call that would change my life forever. It’s funny how moments like this tend to happen when you’re completing the most mundane tasks. They kind of hit you in the face that way. I had just gotten out of a meeting at my school’s career center and was in a pretty good mood. I checked my phone, saw I had a missed call from my mom, and listened to the voicemail as I walked back to my dorm.

To my surprise, it was my dad on the recording. I could hear the weight of the news he was about to deliver in his simple messages that said, “Hey, sweetie. It’s your dad…

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In the Eyes of Another

These photos are from Labor Day…

My family came up to visit me at school and we went to a park up in Montreat, NC.







A photograph is like viewing the world through another persons eyes… you relive that moment with them. You might not have the same thoughts or feelings towards that moment… but all the same you are seeing it from the same angle as they experienced it.

While a certain photograph might bring joy to one person, the same photo might bring sadness to someone else. It’s all up to the viewer. A photo can say 1,000 words but those 1,000 words may be a completely different story. It’s a little like two people reading the same book and picturing the main character completely different.

Even the photographer can look at his/her photo many years later and have different feelings towards it. Maybe it’s a photo of someone she once loved who is now out of her life… or a place that recently was given a new meaning… but all the same it’s her memory printed on paper (or in pixels).

That’s pretty much what photos are… memories ripped from your mind and placed on paper for others to see.

Photographs have the power to give a false sense of reality. People often only share the happy, exciting photos… the “I’m on vacation!” or the “I just got a great new job!” photos. This can lead to others viewing ones life from only one “perfect” point of view… when there are so many others sides of the photographer.

That is not including all that is done with photo editing… only the process of picking and choosing what we allow others to see.

I’m not saying to document every moment of your life… don’t hold down the “continuous shooting” button. It’s important to have memories that you share with only a few special people or ones you keep to yourself… ones that you hold close and treasure. At the same time though, it’s sometimes nice to look back on old memories, especially ones you might have forgotten. Good or bad, they were experiences in your life and at the time they were important enough that you decided to take a snapshot.

Something in that moment caught your eye… even if it was just a leaf on the pavement.

Family Photos : Great Wolf Lodge Edition

This last weekend, my family went to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC to celebrate my younger brothers 6th birthday.

We had a great time… it was an interesting experience.

By interesting, I mean I’m not use to magic shows, water parks, expensive magic treasure hunt type adventures, robotic animal shows, and hotels all being combined into one building.

It was indeed a lot of fun though.

By the end of an adventure like that, skipping naps and playing in chlorinated water for hours can take a lot out of a little kid (and an adult)!

Which leads me to fun family photos…


Complete with dad photobombing again. Haha

We just wanted one nice photo of the siblings in front of the lodge… but some people were just not having it.

Isn’t that usually how it works with family photos?

There is always that one person that’s just not feeling it?

I promise it was a good time.

Maybe these types of photos should happen before entering the building and not upon leaving it…

Another Empty Bottle – Katy McAllister

A beautifully sad song with an amazing message.

Stay strong, my friends.

You are capable… you are beautiful… you are worthy.

You can push pass whatever blocks your way… even if you don’t believe it at the moment.

I believe in you…

You are loved….

It will get better. ❤

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255

I’m just going to leave this song here too…

Dark Enough by Amanda Lopiccolo.

Another sad but beautiful song.

(I was going to save this post for next week but since today is World Suicide Prevention Day… thought I might as well go ahead and post this today.)

The American – Angie Aparo

I told you this guy would be back.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

“I got a walking stick and an old sock hat… I’ve got dirty hands and I’ve got a dream to match. I’ve got a pocket full of government issue cures for poverty.”

Time to take a statics test…

Always on the Move

It seems like every photo of Nate is full of action…

He’s either jumping off rocks… or running through waves… or throwing dirt…

Or doing something any little boy would probably do.


Always on the move…


Happy Almost Birthday, Little Brother.

I miss you here at college.

“Moment” : Creative Cussing

“You know that four letter word that I’m not suppose to say… that starts with an F and ends with a K… and isn’t fork? Have you noticed that that particular word can be a noun or a verb or an adjective or I mean… you can make an entire sentence out of using that one word… right? Can you imagine… as a side… what it must be like to be a person who struggles with English as a second language… encountering that word? And anyway, this word can be used in a lot of different ways… I’m sure that you can be creative with it and still communicate. Yes? The thing is… the word moment also has a bunch of different meanings and after about next week, we’re not gonna tell you which meaning we mean… just gonna use the word moment! Now, I’ve been doin’ this a long time and I can tell you what some of the confusions are.. so that’s what I’m gonna start with. You have a basic gut-level notion of what a moment is… great. But I want to make sure you can be just as creative in your sentences with THAT word… as that other word. [Goes onto explain the different contexts of the word motion}” -Statics Professor

Yes, I know my professors name. I didn’t include it since I’m not particularly sure that person would want to be quoted on this analogy.

Though it is in a recorded lecture online so I imagine it is alright. No… I can not share the actual lecture. I know what you are thinking… “GOSH DARN IT! I wanted to see such exciting material as statics!” I apologize.

I think it is a good analogy though… especially for college students… that is why I’m sharing it.

Personally, I don’t cuss. Those words just don’t tend to have much of a place in my vocabulary.

But… just because you don’t cuss doesn’t mean that the whole campus (or the world in general) is void of those words.

Yes, I have heard the many creative ways that particular word can be used (the word my professor mentions)… and I know most other college students have as well.

That is why I say this analogy for how “moment” can have different meanings is a great analogy… one that pretty much all college students can relate to in some way.

… She is saying “moment” is a bad word… right? Haha

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

(By the way… the picture above has nothing to do with this post. I just felt like adding it. This is the modified Big Wheel one of two engineering teams, the one I was one, put together. It was then raced against some other modified Big Wheels.)

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