This last weekend, my family went to Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC to celebrate my younger brothers 6th birthday.

We had a great time… it was an interesting experience.

By interesting, I mean I’m not use to magic shows, water parks, expensive magic treasure hunt type adventures, robotic animal shows, and hotels all being combined into one building.

It was indeed a lot of fun though.

By the end of an adventure like that, skipping naps and playing in chlorinated water for hours can take a lot out of a little kid (and an adult)!

Which leads me to fun family photos…


Complete with dad photobombing again. Haha

We just wanted one nice photo of the siblings in front of the lodge… but some people were just not having it.

Isn’t that usually how it works with family photos?

There is always that one person that’s just not feeling it?

I promise it was a good time.

Maybe these types of photos should happen before entering the building and not upon leaving it…