These photos are from Labor Day…

My family came up to visit me at school and we went to a park up in Montreat, NC.







A photograph is like viewing the world through another persons eyes… you relive that moment with them. You might not have the same thoughts or feelings towards that moment… but all the same you are seeing it from the same angle as they experienced it.

While a certain photograph might bring joy to one person, the same photo might bring sadness to someone else. It’s all up to the viewer. A photo can say 1,000 words but those 1,000 words may be a completely different story. It’s a little like two people reading the same book and picturing the main character completely different.

Even the photographer can look at his/her photo many years later and have different feelings towards it. Maybe it’s a photo of someone she once loved who is now out of her life… or a place that recently was given a new meaning… but all the same it’s her memory printed on paper (or in pixels).

That’s pretty much what photos are… memories ripped from your mind and placed on paper for others to see.

Photographs have the power to give a false sense of reality. People often only share the happy, exciting photos… the “I’m on vacation!” or the “I just got a great new job!” photos. This can lead to others viewing ones life from only one “perfect” point of view… when there are so many others sides of the photographer.

That is not including all that is done with photo editing… only the process of picking and choosing what we allow others to see.

I’m not saying to document every moment of your life… don’t hold down the “continuous shooting” button. It’s important to have memories that you share with only a few special people or ones you keep to yourself… ones that you hold close and treasure. At the same time though, it’s sometimes nice to look back on old memories, especially ones you might have forgotten. Good or bad, they were experiences in your life and at the time they were important enough that you decided to take a snapshot.

Something in that moment caught your eye… even if it was just a leaf on the pavement.