Life is kind of like being on a railroad track in the fog where you can only clearly see your own feet… you might be able to see ahead some and picture what is ahead but when you actually come to that point, it could be something totally different than what you thought at the time.

Maybe you come to a point where the track splits and instead of continuing to go straight, the track to your left or right looks a whole lot better. Or another persons track bumps into yours… you may ride close to their track for a while… they may completely bump you off your track. When that other persons track eventually splits from yours, they might pull you off your track a bit… unhinge one of your wheels.

Or maybe you and the other persons track splits into three… yours, theirs, and one for a new little train.

The fog behind you is cleared out some but it can still be difficult to see what you’ve just passed. You never know if an old track is looping back around to meet you again.

Somehow I went from the 5 year-old wanting to be a mommy and artist… to a marine biologist… to an environmental scientist… to a mechatronics engineer. The 5 year-old back on my railroad track would have never guessed I would be an engineer in training… that was more of my brothers track back then.

Life is just a railroad track full of uncertainty…

Above is an inspirational photo my boyfriend, Torey, put together after a lovely auto-correct.