In grade school, I was taught to read in between the lines… find what the author is really trying to say.

The curtains are not just blue… they are symbols for sadness and loneliness .

That type of thing.

I always either seemed to read too little or too much into a text. Half the time, I would just stare blankly at the page thinking, “I’m pretty sure they really meant they have blue curtains in their room.”

On Wednesday, I posted an analogy between life and being on a foggy train track… and it was brought to my attention that one could possibly read a bit more than was was actually written.

Yes… the part about the railroad track splitting into three was an analogy for having a child. No… I was not alluding to some secret pregnancy. I’m definitely not having a little train. Haha.

Nor am I unhappy in engineering. I was merely saying that my 5 year-old self would have never guessed that I would be in this program. I’m quite happy with where I’m in school.

It’s good to have readers that bring up those questions. It makes you realize just how careful writers have to be when choosing their wording.

On another note, my dad wrote a post in response to Wednesdays post… you can check it out here.

I like the night time road trip/life analogy. It makes even more sense than a train track in the fog.

Anyways, I will leave you with this song… I just think it’s a sweet song.

The above is a random moon picture I took from my backyard one night. There’s a lunar eclipse coming up, I hear. Anyone going to try to see it?