I work in the Game Room at UNCA… where I sit at a desk and am in charge of equipment checkout.

Difficult job, right?

Sometimes… when you have to try to get people to follow the rules.

Tonight it is quiet (so far…. I work until midnight).

I get to just sit at the desk, listen to music, and work on homework.

It’s nice after a long day… one that makes you feel like it should be Friday tomorrow.

It’s not Friday tomorrow… Nope.

I haven’t been able to post on Mondays… you would think that having a weekend before it would give me even more time… but I have found that to be my statics and circuits time.

I have found my statics and circuits homework to take about an average of 12 hours to complete (12 hours each)… and with statics due Monday and circuits due Wednesday, I haven’t found much time to post.

It’s crazy how the days have been feeling like weeks and the weeks like a day.

Time is a weird thing.

I spoke too soon… I now have a very crowded Game Room.