I love college… I love UNCA… I love the distance education program with NCSU…

I’m very happy that I get the chance to be here…

But this has been one long… so very long rainy week.

Very grey, squishy days.

An exhausting, busy schedule.

Late nights… frantically trying to complete homework… college.

I saw the above image the other day and decided it was too funny to be true.

Granted, I don’t usually give up and watch TV while crying in bed… but instead do a little something like this…

Last night, my friend and I were studying for a Linear Algebra quiz. It was only a few chapters… so we opened the book hopeful… ready to start working out homework problems. We both stare at the first one… completely and utterly lost. We go to the answer book… still completely confused and lost. Then we ask a math tutor and they become confused.

Skip to the next problem…. same thing.

Skip four problems ahead… same.

Skip to the next chapter… “OH! I know this!!”… look in the answer book… it looks no where close to what we were doing. Look in the notes… we were doing something completely different.

Flip through the next two chapters looking for something we could at least start… at this point it is 7:30pm and we are both completely zoning out.

“You wanna do statics instead? I could really go for some statics.”

That is how bad it got… we were excited to do statics homework… and that is the story of how we completely gave up and settled with maybe getting a 4/12 on the quiz today… knowing that our professor is a pretty hard grader.

And no… the quiz did not go well. When there is only two questions and all you can write down for one of them is “I have no idea what to do…” it is not going to go well.

But I think I answered the second one correctly!!

Maybe a 6/12?!

Anyways… on with the story… the Linear Algebra thing was my fault… should have studied a bit harder. Oops…

So… after that, I had to go to statics and then fill out a circuits lab report due during my 2pm lab time…

I later decided that I would stop by Argo (the coffee/tea shop on campus) and have a quick break with some chai tea and an oatmeal raisin cookie.

IMG_20151002_135125998 (1)

They were getting ready to close in 15 minutes, so I was happy to find that they still had some cookies left.

There was a specific broken one in the back that was just calling my name (maybe because it looked the biggest?)… so I asked for that one. The cashier went over to get the cookie for me and upon handing me the bag, it looked like he had not only given me the giant broken cookie but also broken an extra piece off and added it in.

I know he was just trying to get rid of them (I don’t think a lot of people buy the oatmeal raisin ones)… but it’s funny how something like that can brighten up your day.

An extra piece of a cookie, your favorite song, a strangers smile… it makes a difference.

Happy Fall Break to UNCA!