I love this picture of Isaac.

It’s from an orchestra trip to a museum in Alanta, GA about 5 months ago (I can’t remember the name at the moment)… photo cred goes to Brendan Joyce.

This photo just happened to catch my eye from the many facebook photos people were posting from that trip.

… Maybe because it is my brother… maybe because I can’t help but wonder what is on the wall.



A grey wall?!

Whoa… a grey wall!

Whatever it is… it somehow reminds me of how small we truly are.

If we zoom out, we are just a spec on Earth… an atom in the universe (if not smaller).

We are nothing.

Yet… we are everything.

We are the fireworks in another persons mind… or heart.

We are the interaction that can change a persons whole life… set it on a completely different track.

On a small scale, we are everything… each a piece of sand building a castle…

Step away and you hardly notice the individuals but the castle as a whole.

I’m sure if you get close to the wall, there is something written on it… some meaning to it…

But from further away… it really just looks like a fancy multi-grey wall.