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November 2015

The Master of Sass.

Talk about someone who is sassy.

Look at that face…

Lover of pink and sparkly… anything Frozen… tutus… and lotion…

Sparrow has mastered sass at the age of two.

Happy birthday, little sister.

May your twos treat us well… haha.


18 Years an Older Sister

I never thought that I would have a sister.

For 15 years, I was an older sister to one brother. Being only 14 months younger than me, Isaac and I grew up together. There isn’t a time that I can remember him not being around. I was a 14 month old preparing myself to protect a newborn.

Then at 15 years old, only a few weeks into my freshman year of high school… I became an older sister all over again to a little boy named Nate. Upon seeing this little bundle… I was overcome with this heart-wrenching amount of love. All I wanted was to be able to watch him grow up and to hide him from hurt. I prayed that he would not grow up too fast as I watched him learn to run.

I thought I was to be forever outnumbered by younger brothers.

(Which was okay! haha)

My first year of college, at age 18 years, was when that ended. Little Sparrow was born in 2013 on Thanksgiving day. It’s probably the most thankful I have ever been during a Thanksgiving holiday… everything went well and I finally got to meet my little sister.

Shortly after she was born, I went back to school and stayed until winter break. I’ve spent much of her life away. Thus, I’ve missed her first steps… I’ve missed first words… I’ll miss quite a bit. For a while, she didn’t recognize me…she was afraid. I was a stranger.

I’m not a stranger anymore.

Which almost makes it harder as I hear her whimper out “bye Roey…” as I turn to head back to school.

I won’t lie… my siblings drive me crazy sometimes but it tears my heart in two leaving. Especially when these semesters grow longer and more difficult… all I want to do is hug them.

I’ve often been mistaken as the parent for both Sparrow and Nate I’ve often heard the phrase, “I bet they make good birth control.” But you know what… I would be proud to be the parent of such bright little souls. While I do realize I do not want kids right now… it’s not because they have caused me to be that way. I look forward to possibly having my own little ones to protect and watch grow up one day.

They have been good training though… as I watch all the lack of sleep, the back blowouts, the tantrums, and the overall wackiness. Maybe I will be slightly more prepared for the unexpected.

My little sisters second birthday is tomorrow… time flies, my friends… pay attention…

The “Smarter” I Become…

Some days, it feels like the more I learn in school… the less I actually know.

I begin to realize, I know nothing.

It feels like my brain cells are frying in their own knowledge.

Has anyone else ever felt like their brain is just about to explode?

It feels like the more “school knowledge” I gain… the less “common sense knowledge” I have.

Or maybe I never really had that knowledge and I’m just now realizing it….

As Albert Einstein once put it… “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

Maybe that is what’s happening to me… I’m just realizing what I do not know.

This morning was my last “performance” in ballet.

Or… the last time we danced to my teachers”Say Something” choreography.

It’s been nice having a non-academic class.

Probably the only class I will miss next semester.

I think I’m going to have a cup of mint tea and relax with my new heating pad after work… that sounds good.


I’m working on a bridge designing project in my statics class…

This is a group project… a team building exercise.

All week my statics professor has been stressing the importance of “teamwork”…

The same professor who has forbidden us to work on homework together.

This is the exception… I guess.

Anyways, the project guidelines included the above picture.

I thought it was funny… I decided to share it… that’s pretty much all there was to it. Haha.

Good night, my friends.

I will be up for a while longer… teaching myself circuits before tomorrow test.

Have a good week!!

Favorite Quotes

These are two of my favorite quotes added to some of my photographs.


I hope everyone is having a good week!

Relax, it’s Tea Time.

Last night, Torey and I went to Dobra Tea in Downtown Asheville, NC.

Above, is a picture of the two teas we shared… I know it looks like a lot on the tiny table.

(Ignore me slouching in the background.)

It’s always interesting to try the teas at Dobra… it’s often very relaxing.


This one is called a Yerba Mate and comes in what looks like a little gourd.

It is said to contain quite a bite of caffeine and I found it quite bitter and strong.

Still an interesting drink to try… definitely something that you want to sit and sip.

The other one we tried was the Ya Boa, a wild tea from China that had a very mild, fresh taste.

Here is a picture (from of the Ya Boa tea.

This is what is contained in the little brown pots pictured next to the glass pots full of boiling water in the first picture.


It’s nice to be able to relax a little bit after such a long, stressful week.

Last night, I also attended a career fair put on by UNCA’s section of IEEE and listened to representatives from different companies talk about what to do for interviews and in life after getting a job in engineering.


(I forgot to take a picture while the career fair was happening… so here is it after the fact.)

Many of the speakers stressed the importance of making time to just relax.

Sometimes, with everything going on in school, work, and life in general… it is easy to forget to just take time to relax and de-stress.

It’s crucial to not only relax but realize the importance of relaxing. When you look back on how little work you got done during a certain time period… don’t think “oh my gosh… I should have been working! I have screwed up everything! I’m going to fail that test now because I wasn’t studying! I’m never going to graduate now! I messed everything up by taking that 2 hour break…” (Yes… it happens.)

Instead, think about how much you probably needed that extra rest… think about the quality time you got to spend with love ones… think about how you needed to press that reset button and clear your mind a little.

I’m not saying to be in a constant state of relaxing but to make sure to find the needed balance between work and play.

Still, I know it can be difficult to remember to breath when it seems you need to constantly be running around… but sometimes you need to just stop, sip some tea, and breath.

Don’t try to rush everything… you’ll end up burning your tongue.

If you want to check out Dobra Tea… here is a link to their website:

Take care of yourselves, everyone.


It’s the final push to the finish line…

With only a couple weeks left of this semester, it is crunch time.

We are already too far into the semester to back out now… so you just have to push forward and hope for the best.

It’s like running a marathon and we are on the last couple miles of it…

Your legs are ready to give out but you keep moving… ready to collapse at the finish line.

Yeah… sounds about right. Feel the burn.

We can do it!

On another note… if you don’t have to take statics… don’t do it. It’s a trap. Haha.

It feels strange to work so long/hard at a class and be so nervous that you won’t be able to scrape by with a C-.

(Not sure who to give photo credit to… saw it on google images and thought it was a cool photo.)

Give me candy, give me treats…

give me something good to eat!

I remember that saying from… elementary/ middle school? It’s been a little bit. There was also a part about pulling a certain trick if they were not given treats… but we won’t go into that.

Yesterday, I found this on my desk…


A wonderful (and very yummy) surprise from a beautiful roommate!

Later that day, I headed up to Black Mountain and helped pass out candy to little kids/ hang out with some of Torey’s family. It was a fun evening full of friends, good food, and candy.


It’s always a little bit of a cute-overload to see all the little kids dressed up…

Just an example… here are my little siblings dressed up this year.

What a couple cuties! … I may be a little biased. Maybe….


Anyways, I hope everyone had a fun/safe Halloween!

I realize I forgot to post Friday… again. Oops…

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