give me something good to eat!

I remember that saying from… elementary/ middle school? It’s been a little bit. There was also a part about pulling a certain trick if they were not given treats… but we won’t go into that.

Yesterday, I found this on my desk…


A wonderful (and very yummy) surprise from a beautiful roommate!

Later that day, I headed up to Black Mountain and helped pass out candy to little kids/ hang out with some of Torey’s family. It was a fun evening full of friends, good food, and candy.


It’s always a little bit of a cute-overload to see all the little kids dressed up…

Just an example… here are my little siblings dressed up this year.

What a couple cuties! … I may be a little biased. Maybe….


Anyways, I hope everyone had a fun/safe Halloween!

I realize I forgot to post Friday… again. Oops…