Last night, Torey and I went to Dobra Tea in Downtown Asheville, NC.

Above, is a picture of the two teas we shared… I know it looks like a lot on the tiny table.

(Ignore me slouching in the background.)

It’s always interesting to try the teas at Dobra… it’s often very relaxing.


This one is called a Yerba Mate and comes in what looks like a little gourd.

It is said to contain quite a bite of caffeine and I found it quite bitter and strong.

Still an interesting drink to try… definitely something that you want to sit and sip.

The other one we tried was the Ya Boa, a wild tea from China that had a very mild, fresh taste.

Here is a picture (from of the Ya Boa tea.

This is what is contained in the little brown pots pictured next to the glass pots full of boiling water in the first picture.


It’s nice to be able to relax a little bit after such a long, stressful week.

Last night, I also attended a career fair put on by UNCA’s section of IEEE and listened to representatives from different companies talk about what to do for interviews and in life after getting a job in engineering.


(I forgot to take a picture while the career fair was happening… so here is it after the fact.)

Many of the speakers stressed the importance of making time to just relax.

Sometimes, with everything going on in school, work, and life in general… it is easy to forget to just take time to relax and de-stress.

It’s crucial to not only relax but realize the importance of relaxing. When you look back on how little work you got done during a certain time period… don’t think “oh my gosh… I should have been working! I have screwed up everything! I’m going to fail that test now because I wasn’t studying! I’m never going to graduate now! I messed everything up by taking that 2 hour break…” (Yes… it happens.)

Instead, think about how much you probably needed that extra rest… think about the quality time you got to spend with love ones… think about how you needed to press that reset button and clear your mind a little.

I’m not saying to be in a constant state of relaxing but to make sure to find the needed balance between work and play.

Still, I know it can be difficult to remember to breath when it seems you need to constantly be running around… but sometimes you need to just stop, sip some tea, and breath.

Don’t try to rush everything… you’ll end up burning your tongue.

If you want to check out Dobra Tea… here is a link to their website:

Take care of yourselves, everyone.