I never thought that I would have a sister.

For 15 years, I was an older sister to one brother. Being only 14 months younger than me, Isaac and I grew up together. There isn’t a time that I can remember him not being around. I was a 14 month old preparing myself to protect a newborn.

Then at 15 years old, only a few weeks into my freshman year of high school… I became an older sister all over again to a little boy named Nate. Upon seeing this little bundle… I was overcome with this heart-wrenching amount of love. All I wanted was to be able to watch him grow up and to hide him from hurt. I prayed that he would not grow up too fast as I watched him learn to run.

I thought I was to be forever outnumbered by younger brothers.

(Which was okay! haha)

My first year of college, at age 18 years, was when that ended. Little Sparrow was born in 2013 on Thanksgiving day. It’s probably the most thankful I have ever been during a Thanksgiving holiday… everything went well and I finally got to meet my little sister.

Shortly after she was born, I went back to school and stayed until winter break. I’ve spent much of her life away. Thus, I’ve missed her first steps… I’ve missed first words… I’ll miss quite a bit. For a while, she didn’t recognize me…she was afraid. I was a stranger.

I’m not a stranger anymore.

Which almost makes it harder as I hear her whimper out “bye Roey…” as I turn to head back to school.

I won’t lie… my siblings drive me crazy sometimes but it tears my heart in two leaving. Especially when these semesters grow longer and more difficult… all I want to do is hug them.

I’ve often been mistaken as the parent for both Sparrow and Nate I’ve often heard the phrase, “I bet they make good birth control.” But you know what… I would be proud to be the parent of such bright little souls. While I do realize I do not want kids right now… it’s not because they have caused me to be that way. I look forward to possibly having my own little ones to protect and watch grow up one day.

They have been good training though… as I watch all the lack of sleep, the back blowouts, the tantrums, and the overall wackiness. Maybe I will be slightly more prepared for the unexpected.

My little sisters second birthday is tomorrow… time flies, my friends… pay attention…