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December 2015

Rainy Day Rice Pack

It’s been raining all day… and for the last 6 hours (at least) it’s been pouring.

For most of today, I’ve watched the babies while dad took mom to the ER to solve a bad case of strep. This is after taking her to the Urgent Care a couple days ago and returning home with medicine that wasn’t quite helping knock all the gross out of her system.

They left at around 1pm (?) and returned at 9:30pm. Long day.

But you could tell she was feeling much better after the fact. So, I would say worth the wait!

The other parts of the day, I ended up crafting. One of the things I made, which I had been wanting to try for a while, was a rice heat pack with straps.

Made from flannel and rice, the above picture is the final product.

I would say it was a success. It seems to work well!

Here is a very blurry picture of my little brother modeling it. haha



Little Things…

This morning my family opened a Christmas package from my grandparents and found a blank envelope slipped into it.

Confused, we opened it to find the above card with this message on one side… along with some money.


On the other side were some more messages from this family…

Including one from their little girl… “Jesus loves you Merry Christmas.”

I imagine it can sometimes be a little annoying to get a wrong package delivered to your house. Often, people get pretty upset about this for some reason.

But this family was so incredibly sweet about it and even included their own present to a family they didn’t even know.

Thank you to the Lovett family! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful day too… whether you celebrated Christmas or not!



Our Names in the Snow

I enjoy Pinterest… it’s a place to share and save a lot of neat crafting ideas with pictures for easy identification. Most of the time though, when I attempt these crafts it’s usually  a bit of a “Pinterest fail.” Haha

Today’s craft was “Name Snowflakes.”

It was a fairly easy craft. Like most paper snowflakes, all you need is paper and scissors (although I also used a hole punch for most of the middle cutouts).

The first one I made was Nates.


Mom and I thought his turned out looking a bit robotic.

The next one Nate told me to make was Sparrows.


Hers was much rounder than Nates.

Sparrows snowflake was followed by Moms (Jenny), Dads (Peter), Isaacs, and mine (Zoe).


It was interesting to see what designs were created by the different names.

If you want to make one for yourself or for someone you know… I found the instructions here. Although I’m sure you could just google “Name Snowflakes” and find a bunch of tutorials.

It’s a good rainy (or snowy) day project!

Little Thoughts of the Day

Today I went on a field trip with Nate’s kindergarten class to see gingerbread houses at the Grove Park Inn.

I also attended Isaac’s orchestra concert (which was great).

These two occasions lead me to two different thoughts…

How it’s sometimes funny being the older sibling of a much younger child, like Nate (and appearing younger than your age). You might be considered an adult by society… but you are still a child.

When you are carefully walking your younger sibling and his field trip buddy across the parking lot and all of a sudden his buddy comes to a halt and exclaims “Oh no! We have to wait for the ADULT!!” You can’t help but laugh. Yes, you are almost drinking age but in the eyes of this child… you still better be waiting for the ADULT chaperon.

The other thing is… I miss cello.

I haven’t played in… a year? Over a year? Yipes. Kind of sad.

While I told myself I would keep up with it… it has sat in a corner of the house probably becoming incredibly out of tune. I don’t make time for it anymore. In middle and high school, time was made for me. There was a set class period to go and play. I loved cello (and viola) and I loved performing in the concerts. It’s still a bit odd to think it’s been two and a half years since I have performed.

That’s what happens. You make time for somethings and lose the time for others.

Maybe I will try to play it over break (if I can get pass the painful part of trying to tune it) and eventually… maybe I will make room at the dorm and find time for it in my schedule. Maybe… it’s a lot of maybes…

Also, tomorrow is my parents anniversary. 22 years and counting… wow. I love you both very much! I hope this anniversary and coming year is a great one!

*I thought the picture above looked a little like myself when I was learning to play cello. It’s from this website.

Another Semester Down…

I know I haven’t been on in a while… I ended up putting most of my energy these past couple of weeks towards finishing finals and trying to pass statics.

Needless to say… it’s been a long couple of weeks.

BUT NOW IT’S OVER!! And I got to come home yesterday for winter break.

I’m very happy that I’ve gotten one of the more stressful semesters so far out of the way…

Thank you to all my friends and family who supported me throughout it… you are all wonderful people.

I plan on posting more now that it is winter break… hopefully at least three times a week.

… By the way… I passed statics!!

(Along with all my other classes but that was by far the one I was worried about.)


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