I enjoy Pinterest… it’s a place to share and save a lot of neat crafting ideas with pictures for easy identification. Most of the time though, when I attempt these crafts it’s usually  a bit of a “Pinterest fail.” Haha

Today’s craft was “Name Snowflakes.”

It was a fairly easy craft. Like most paper snowflakes, all you need is paper and scissors (although I also used a hole punch for most of the middle cutouts).

The first one I made was Nates.


Mom and I thought his turned out looking a bit robotic.

The next one Nate told me to make was Sparrows.


Hers was much rounder than Nates.

Sparrows snowflake was followed by Moms (Jenny), Dads (Peter), Isaacs, and mine (Zoe).


It was interesting to see what designs were created by the different names.

If you want to make one for yourself or for someone you know… I found the instructions here. Although I’m sure you could just google “Name Snowflakes” and find a bunch of tutorials.

It’s a good rainy (or snowy) day project!