It’s been raining all day… and for the last 6 hours (at least) it’s been pouring.

For most of today, I’ve watched the babies while dad took mom to the ER to solve a bad case of strep. This is after taking her to the Urgent Care a couple days ago and returning home with medicine that wasn’t quite helping knock all the gross out of her system.

They left at around 1pm (?) and returned at 9:30pm. Long day.

But you could tell she was feeling much better after the fact. So, I would say worth the wait!

The other parts of the day, I ended up crafting. One of the things I made, which I had been wanting to try for a while, was a rice heat pack with straps.

Made from flannel and rice, the above picture is the final product.

I would say it was a success. It seems to work well!

Here is a very blurry picture of my little brother modeling it. haha