I happened to stumble upon this infographic while browsing through Pinterest…

The infographic reminded me again that school starts back on Wednesday (Jan 6th)… not UNCA but NC State. Whooo…

UNCA housing doesn’t open until this Saturday (Jan 9th)… and since I goofed and forgot to request early arrival… I will be commuting for a few days.

A few long… early days.

It’s not the end of the world… I only live an hour away and it might get me to explore Asheville some since I will be taking the time to drive up there.

Anyways… while I don’t usually trust random statics (I mean statistics… although I’m not sure I trust statics either. Haha) on the internet, I found this one interesting and a little… funny.

Studying…. funny? No…

I can relate to the infographic… that is what I find funny.

Sometimes, homework for one engineering course takes hours (I’m talking 10… 11… 12 hours to complete) and that’s homework… not studying. Haha

Honestly,  I’m probably exaggerating. I’ve never sat down and timed myself. But boy, it sure feels like it takes forever on those beautiful, sunny days!

Now that it is finally getting colder… maybe I will be more okay staying inside and studying. Maybe.

I also have all NC State classes this semester… it appears. This means no matching up schedules… hoping to get a Spring Break. Except for housing schedule differences… I should probably remember those from now on…

Infographic found here.