Sometime during winter break, I saw the chalkboard in my brothers bedroom had been cleaned in a way that vaguely resembled a woman’s face.

So… I obviously had to add onto it and make it look even more like a woman’s face (somewhat).

I was just enjoying drawing on the chalkboard when my little brother (Nate) walks in and exclaims “did you draw that?! It’s great! Like… the best drawing I’ve seen.”

It’s funny how much of a confidence booster (and destroyer) kids can be sometimes.

Here I was just doodling… thinking it wasn’t a very good face at all and then walks in this little person saying that it was the best ever. It was one of those cute/ funny kids moments.

Anyways, after I drew it… it was on the chalkboard for a while. It still is, I think. No one touched it… which normally does not happen.

When I was leaving for school (to move back in) this last Saturday I happened to peek into Nate and Isaacs bedroom to find that Nate had written “This is Zoe” above my drawing.

Now… I don’t know if he meant it was a drawing of me or it was by me but either way… it caught me a little off guard. He had taken the time to acknowledge the drawing again.

While the “Z” still needs work… it is amazing how much Nate has learned about spelling and reading in just half a year.