It’s funny how fast times goes… how fast it slips through your hands.

It’s been over a week since I last posted… uffdah.

I’ve been working on time management. It feels like a constant battle, really.

Not only managing school work… but realizing that I need to make time for things other than studying. One of the more important things I have learned about college in the pass two and a half years is how much you need a balance between work and play. I still struggle with this balance.

It can be difficult to juggle studying, working, friends, family, sleep, food, and time for yourself (in no order of importance).

I’ve gotten to the point many times in the last couple years where I have forgotten this balance and become over stressed… which I’m sure shows a little through these blog posts.

The thing I most often forget is to take time for myself.

When you are constantly being stimulated by school and work stress… even people stress… it’s important to take time to just sit back and do something you enjoy doing by yourself.

Lately, since I have been trying to stop picking my nails, I’ve gotten into painting my nails again. Last semester, I tried to crochet… but have left my yarn and hook at home for a bit.

Even this blog is a way to take some time for myself…get my thoughts and ideas down somewhere.

It feels like I’ve been running non-stop every weekday… 7:30am to 11:30pm… but it’s all the more reason to look forward to the weekend.

Take care of yourselves, everyone.