When I was in 6th or 7th grade I had a YouTube channel with an appropriate middle schooler username “luvlife4eva.”That username has since been changed… and shall not be revealed in an attempt to keep some of that middle school past hidden. Haha

I was remembering it today as I sat at work (in the Game Room) watching lyric videos on YouTube.

I use to make lyric videos (along with some other videos… but mostly lyric). I enjoyed it… picking out the songs… listening and matching up the words to run perfectly in time with the music. It was sort of relaxing.

I’m not sure why I quit, to be honest… maybe I will pick it up again… eventually.

As I was looking at the account today, I noticed one of my videos had 826,729 views. While that is not a ton… that is quite a lot in my book. It’s my piece of fame on my middle school YouTube account.

The song was called “Good Directions” by Billy Currington. The caption says “Love this song!!!” Even though I don’t remember ever actually listening to it… besides to make this video and I never listen to it now…. I supposedly I LOVED it in middle school.

Now if you look it up… you will probably find me… and then my middle school weirdness will be revealed… Oh no! Haha

I thought I would go ahead and include a picture from my 8th grade dance (above)… just keep going with the middle school awkwardness. Good times… good times.

Anyways, it is suppose to snow quite a bit here in North Carolina tonight. My NC State classes have already canceled… now we will see what UNCA decides. Be safe, everyone.