There was no school Friday because…


There was no school yesterday because… well… it is the weekend. BUT also snow.

Yesterday, along with attending a gameroom meeting, I helped build an igloo!

While the snowy/icy wind was quite bitter, the inside of the igloo was peaceful and protecting.

I can’t really remember the last time I stayed out and played in the snow until I could barely move… until yesterday. It’s kind of fun… cold… but fun.

Everything is now in the process of melting, thanks to the sun and blue skies. We will see if UNCA decides to hold classes tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure my little sister believes that this is the work of Elsa…

Elsa is going crazy again… she needs to calm down. Haha.

Today I’m catching up on homework… slowly but surely.

As the snow melts, I hope everyone continues to stay warm and safe.

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