I saw this GIF the other day and just sat there staring at it for a while. I’m a junior in college, at least with credit hours. In my major (Mechatronics Engineering) I’m still a sophomore.  Either way, I’ve been here two and a half years already. I’m not completely sure about the “junior” and “senior” parts of this GIF but the first two parts have been so true. Freshman year was very much like sailing in the breeze… new experiences, new people… freedom. Then, all of sudden, your boat starts taking in water. You have this moment of “oh no, what have I done?” There  are more responsibilities, more homework, more deadlines, and changes in relationships. Sometimes, it feels like you are constantly trying to prevent your boat from sinking. You are just trying to stay afloat. Hopefully the next two years aren’t too much like the GIF… Haha.

This video also made me laugh the other day. I may have just been sleep deprived… or remember back to when I was learning a new program language but I couldn’t stop. I especially love the following part:

“Let’s try it, I’m good at coding. What, are you kidding me, what could be wrong?”

“You forgot a colon.”

This has happened way to many times to me while working on my programs. It always seemed to be a silly mistake too… like forgetting a colon.

I feel your pain…

I also thought this kid was way too cute. Good luck figuring out life in general, little friend. Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend, everyone. Sending much love your way!