I’ve enjoyed this video quite a bit over the years. The guy seems quite stressed over this song. While I agree that the cello part is quite… boring… I feel I haven’t played this song enough to have it follow me around.

My favorite line from this is…

“… I started on a cello. Yeah, cello is a wonderful, beautiful instrument… it’s cool to be an adult that plays the cello… playing the cello as a kid sucked. Cause there’s no way to be cool when your instrument is larger than you. When you walk to school with a cello, you are like a wounded gazelle on the Serengeti…”

The other day, an old friend asked what lead me to the cello.

One of the first times I saw/ heard the cello, that I remember, was in 4th or 5th grade. The high school had come to play for us. The orchestra members slowly went through the different instruments… violin… viola… CELLO… bass… trying to teach us the differences. When they got to cello, the conductor invited one of the students up to learn a song. It was Jaws. It’s an easy song to play on cello… a fun song.

The next time I really remember encountering a cello was when I attended a band meeting at the end of 5th grade… to sign up to play flute in 6th grade. After the meeting, I walked by the orchestra classroom and heard the conductor (same one from the story above) showing off a cello to a student. I walked in… saw this wooden instrument (full size cello) that was probably too big for me to carry at the time and my eyes being bigger than my… body… I was like “I want that one.”

So there I was… a “wounded gazelle” with a 1/2 size cello that was still much bigger than my body. I was COOL. SO COOL. Now I see 1/2 size cellos and all I can think is “awww! It is so little!”

I remember our first concert in 6th grade. We were at the high school for this concert… the high schoolers were helping tune instruments. This being the first concert I’d been a part of, I didn’t know where to go or what to do. So, when some high school violin players offered to tune my little cello, I happily agreed. My A string ended up snapping and with my cello being so much smaller than the ones at the high school, there were no replacement strings. Oops. My conductor ended up tying my string back together and pretty much telling me to air bow on it. Now I can’t help but laugh… it happens but at the time, what a disaster. THE WORST. Haha.

As I went on with the cello, it became a part of me. I’m Zoë and I play the cello. I use to play the cello. I haven’t played the cello in a while. I miss it.

I should try to get back into it… over the summer. Until then, I need to look into getting a new bridge.

Not sure who made the piece of art in the first picture… but I thought it looked pretty cool.