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March 2016

Write Back… or Else.

“Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope you have a good day! I LOVE YOU!!!

Write back…. or else.

Love, Zoe”

Mom and I were talking about the letters I wrote them when I was younger… maybe 8-ish years old. They went something like the above quote. They almost always ended with “write back… or else.” My parents never let themselves find out what the “or else” part entailed. I probably would have turned into a little Kylo Ren! Haha. That’s obviously the real story behind Kylo Ren… Dad and Mom forgot to write back to one of his letters. Aw man… you messed up… that one time.

Anyways… yes… They always wrote back. They were pretty good pen-pals to my dozen or so letters I wrote them daily.  I didn’t have to become Kylo Ren… the world is saved.

We joke about how my younger brother, Nate, can sometimes be like Kylo Ren. A tiny Kylo Ren. If he had had the force… even as a newborn… we probably would have all been choked to death by now. But… good thing he doesn’t… now he’s just cute and little in his Kylo Ren costume.

Sparrow says she needs to be a doctor. She even has a doctors kit… a plastic doctors kit. It gets real interesting, real fast when someone says “go ahhh” and the plastic thermometer just keeps going back deeper and deeper into the back of your throat. Or when something gets dipped in a strange liquid (usually spit) and gets stuck in your ear while you are distracted… “you needed a shot!” I’m glad 2-year olds are not doctors. It would be really cute and terribly scary all at the same time.

Happy Easter, everyone! Have a great day!

*The above is Nate in an “emergency” Kylo Ren costume that mom made. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. I know this is a pretty blurry picture… it was clear before I put it on the blog. Haha.


Gold Stars.

I often think about college students… considering I’m not only surrounded by them on a daily basis but am one myself. Most of us really are a just bunch of shapeshifters… preschoolers taking the form of adults.

Mainly, I’m talking about the “traditional” college student… or one who pursues college right from high school. We act like we are big… we are adults. We don’t need mommy or daddy… until we fall down, scrape ourselves and need a band-aid… but all the band-aids are on the top shelf!!

Being in college is like being in a weird little bubble. It acts as a place for people to try to figure out who they are going to be as they transition into adulthood.

College has been one of the most stressful, wonderful times of my life so far. Through panic and tears, has bloomed joy and laughter. While there have been moments at 12am, where I have wondered “why am I doing this to myself?! WHY AM I PAYING TO DO THIS TO MYSELF?!”… I would never give it back.

Last week, the week after Spring Break, felt like it was four times the length of a normal week. Friday morning, in a zombie-ish state, I couldn’t help but laugh over my pure excitement/happiness when my TA returned my homework assignment (that I had stressed over earlier that week) and I found they had added a Kylo Ren sticker to the top of the paper.

Yes, stickers on homework still make my day. I got the gold star!

On another note, it’s spring again! Look how pretty the view out this window in my residence hall is… as I start to slightly panic about next week!


Have a good week, everyone!

Goats, Hair Cuts, and Ginger Tea

Today, Sparrow and I had a girls day out while mom chaperoned one of Nate’s field trips. We went to the Flat Rock Bakery for pastries before heading to the Carl Sandburg House to visit with the goats. The goats were a big hit with little Sparrow who, upon seeing them, exclaimed “MY GOATS! I LOVE THEM!!”

It’s always interesting being out and about with a two year old… you never know what might happen. Sparrow’s a sweet little sister. It’s funny how many times this break she has told me, “Roey! We are sisters!”

The other day I donated 8 (more like 9) inches to Panteen Beautiful Lengths.

This will be the fourth and probably last time I donate hair. I have donated to Locks of Love three times and now Panteen Beautiful Lengths once. I’ve loved being able to donate hair and being able to actually notice I got a hair cut. We will see… maybe I will let my hair grow out enough to donate again… but for now I do love having shorter hair. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer!

img_20160310_204509722.jpgI’ve been making this ginger tea with ginger, lemon, and honey. I know the picture to the left doesn’t look like much… besides maybe a little murky but it is quite yummy. I’m sure it would be great for a sore throat or maybe a upset stomach!

On a final note, the Friday before Spring Break, I went on a tour of Meritor!


It was fascinating to see what makes a plant like this run. While I could barely take my eyes off some of the machines, I couldn’t help but notice that I could pretty much count the number of female workers on one hand. Not surprised but I still found it interesting.

Anyways, have a great day everyone!

Soda Pop

Uff da… I haven’t posted in over two weeks!

I really do need to get more organized when it comes to running this blog.

This week is Spring Break! Which means the last two weeks were like the final stretch of a race. Your legs feel like they are about to give out from under you… yet you are trying to sprint to the finish line. I’ve made it.

Two weeks ago, I got a letter from the Jones Soda Company saying that one of my photos was chosen to be on the label of their soda bottles! I thought that was pretty cool… considering all I did was upload a couple photos to their website and then forget they were there.

I took this photo [of the moon] over the summer. I sat in the yard with the lens zoomed out as far as it would go and pointing towards the sky for about 1 to 1.5 hours. Now, it is somewhere out there on a soda bottle.

Somewhere out there…

Now, time to go work on a circuits project.


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