Uff da… I haven’t posted in over two weeks!

I really do need to get more organized when it comes to running this blog.

This week is Spring Break! Which means the last two weeks were like the final stretch of a race. Your legs feel like they are about to give out from under you… yet you are trying to sprint to the finish line. I’ve made it.

Two weeks ago, I got a letter from the Jones Soda Company saying that one of my photos was chosen to be on the label of their soda bottles! I thought that was pretty cool… considering all I did was upload a couple photos to their website and then forget they were there.

I took this photo [of the moon] over the summer. I sat in the yard with the lens zoomed out as far as it would go and pointing towards the sky for about 1 to 1.5 hours. Now, it is somewhere out there on a soda bottle.

Somewhere out there…

Now, time to go work on a circuits project.