I often think about college students… considering I’m not only surrounded by them on a daily basis but am one myself. Most of us really are a just bunch of shapeshifters… preschoolers taking the form of adults.

Mainly, I’m talking about the “traditional” college student… or one who pursues college right from high school. We act like we are big… we are adults. We don’t need mommy or daddy… until we fall down, scrape ourselves and need a band-aid… but all the band-aids are on the top shelf!!

Being in college is like being in a weird little bubble. It acts as a place for people to try to figure out who they are going to be as they transition into adulthood.

College has been one of the most stressful, wonderful times of my life so far. Through panic and tears, has bloomed joy and laughter. While there have been moments at 12am, where I have wondered “why am I doing this to myself?! WHY AM I PAYING TO DO THIS TO MYSELF?!”… I would never give it back.

Last week, the week after Spring Break, felt like it was four times the length of a normal week. Friday morning, in a zombie-ish state, I couldn’t help but laugh over my pure excitement/happiness when my TA returned my homework assignment (that I had stressed over earlier that week) and I found they had added a Kylo Ren sticker to the top of the paper.

Yes, stickers on homework still make my day. I got the gold star!

On another note, it’s spring again! Look how pretty the view out this window in my residence hall is… as I start to slightly panic about next week!


Have a good week, everyone!