Last night was Isaac’s last orchestra concert. Everyone was fantastic! I wish I had gotten some videos of them… especially the senior chamber group. I’m so very proud of not only Isaac but everyone else who performed last night!

Being there brought back a lot of bittersweet memories. As groups began to play pieces that I knew well and had performed before, I felt the same adrenaline rush that I last felt three years ago on that same stage. As seniors began to come forward while we played “Guess the Baby,” I again felt the same sad happiness that I felt standing on that stage at my last concert.

As Isaac’s baby pictures started appearing on the screen, I guessed the baby right away. I’ve known that face my whole life. This June, he will be graduating from High School. Last night, it started to really kick in… next year he will also be attending college at UNCA. I know I have said it before but it’s crazy how time flies.

I remember running around with this kid when we were little. I remember his first day of kindergarten and having him jump up and yell, “we’re back!!!” when we got to the bus stop.  I remember the feeling of complete panic in 4th grade when I knew my 2nd grade brother had gotten on the bus instead of staying after school. I remember the “were did Isaac go?!” after another one of his magic disappearing acts. I remember stealthy pinching his back after he’s driven me crazy. I remember almost every time I have thought “if you mess with him, you mess with me.”

When I was graduating, my orchestra teacher gave me a Dr.Seuss coffee cup that said “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” I still have that cup and it’s been a bright piece in my dorm room. After a long day, it’s been nice to be able to fill such a cheerful cup up with tea and relax a little.

You’re going places, my friend. Keep your chin up.