I turned 21 on May 21st this year.

I don’t feel any older…

I am older but I don’t feel it.

I can drink now… legally.

By drink, I mean alcohol… which you probably could have guessed. I could always drink juice boxes… which I would almost still prefer over alcohol.

For my birthday, I went to the Tennessee Aquarium with my family, drank at a hotel happy hour with my parents, and went to the Chattanooga Zoo the next day. All in all, a pretty fun way to celebrate.

It was my type of celebration.

I wasn’t getting wasted at some hyped up party. I wasn’t puking up my guts (because of the party). I wasn’t regretting anything that had happened.

I was with people I knew wouldn’t let me do anything stupid and I got to look at jellyfishes.


Today, my 2 year-old sister approached me and explained “Seahorses. Daddies have babies. The daddy seahorses have babies.” She then told me she learned that at the aquarium.

Also while we were at the aquarium, Sparrow and I were looking at snakes. Upon looking down into an exhibit with multiple snakes, she pointed at this one orangeish colored snake with red spots and said “hey… corn snake.” She was right.

Smart little girl.

The Tennessee Aquarium was probably the best aquarium I have ever been to (and I have been to quite a few in the eastern part of the USA). I would definitely recommend it to others.

It’s kind of weird being 21.

The range of drinks that I can now have in public has been expanded. Cool.

We’ll see where the year takes me.