It seems like every time I’ve turned on the news lately, it has been filled with sadness and hate. It has been filled with death and cruelty. It has been filled with darkness.

It’s still difficult to think about what happened in Orlando this past Sunday. It’s hard to imagine that someone could walk into a building and take so many human lives. It’s painful to think about how one human could contain such darkness.

No matter what your views and/or opinions are on how these individuals (the victims) lived their lives… please put that aside. They were still humans… friends… sons… daughters… lovers…

No one deserves what happened to these 102 (49 dead, 53 injured) individuals.

No one.

Through all this darkness… we still need to look for the light.

Like any dark blanket that has covered the Earth throughout history… there has been candles of light. There has been all the people giving blood, JetBlues offer of free flights to the immediate family and domestic partners of victims, and all the love and kindness pouring out from communities around the world.

This world may never be safe from darkness but when the lights go out… we should always keep looking for the candles in the crowd.

Sending much love to the Orlando victims and their families.

Also sending love to Cristina Grimmies family. Christina was shot and killed after performing a concert on June 11th (also in Orlando but seemingly unrelated). I had watched her first YouTube videos quite a bit when they first were posted but it had been 2 years since I’d looked her up.

Beautiful people… may you rest in peace…