So… you may or may not have heard of a “raindrop cake.” It was all over the internet a few months back. If you search “raindrop cake” in Google, you’ll find tons of pictures of what it is suppose to look like.

I’m not sure what makes it a “cake”… it’s more like a flavorless gelatin.

It’s strange.

I wanted to try my hand at making them… so I used the recipe from The Cooking of Joy blog.

This was one of the first ones I made using this recipe  (or well… the first one that didn’t just deteriorate when it hit the plate).


It turned out pretty well, I thought. It was like eating water.

The next one I made, I added a bit of blue food coloring to help it stand out a bit.

The only thing different from the previous one is the color. It tasted exactly the same.

One piece of advice I have for those wanting to try to make these “cakes” is to let them set overnight. The first couple ones I made, I only let sit in the fridge a few hours. I’m pretty sure this is why they fell apart almost immediately.

I would also recommend topping the cake with something. It’s originally topped with black sugar syrup and roasted soy flour… maybe this improves the flavor/enhances the experience? I thought honey was decent on it, though Nate said it was “the worst.”

I also wanted to try my hand at making some weird flavored “Jello.”  I tried adding a little bit of Kool-Aid to the recipe. This did not turn out well at all. The flavor was very… off and it fell apart quickly.

I convinced Nate to try some of it by telling him it was goblin boogers…

Little boys are strange.