I ended up skipping last weeks post… so here’s a summary of the last two weeks…

On the 20th, my family went to the Emerald Village Mine for my brothers 20th birthday. It proved to be a fun place to visit and explore. It’s a good environment for families and the people working there were all very nice.

On the 21st, my 6 year-old brother started 1st grade. So far, he seems to be enjoying it… although I don’t think he understands that he still has 12 years left (including this one) before he can go to college. All he’s seen at my college is fun… so of course he would want to go!

P1210624 (2)

Then on the 22nd, Torey and I went on a tour of Sierra Nevada in Mills River, NC. Talk about a cool place. The facility is beautiful and the process that goes into making their beer… all the machinery… it’s fascinating. Now, I’m not much of a beer drinker but that tour was still very much worth it. Another great thing about it? It’s free! Always a plus. (Slideshow has 7 pictures)

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My grandparents have been here for a few weeks from Colorado… it’s always nice to see family. We’ve gone on a few adventures. They went with us to the mines, to the North Carolina Arboretum, and down to Greenville, SC. It was nice to spend some time with them.

During this last week…

Our septic has been fixed. The yard is torn apart but everything is working and up to code now… so that’s great. I was getting very sick of using a porta potty. Haha. I’m glad that no one in the family is too “high and mighty” to suck it up and deal with the situation presented to us. You just have to kind of deal with stuff like that. Still, very… very glad that has all been worked out.

We’ve also bought a “new” washer and dryer after the dryer almost caused an electrical fire and the washer stopped working correctly. It seems to be a very nice set so far…It’s kind of hard to imagine how these people upgraded from this set.

The blog also just celebrated a year anniversary on the 27th. Yay! Here’s to another year of me writing about whatever comes to my mind!