This is just a summary of how my bullet journal has evolved over the last month. This is my second month using a bullet journal and it’s already evolved quite a bit from when I first started.

For example, I have started to include more quotes throughout the month… the above picture is one example.

P1210635 (2)

This months “theme” was banners and ribbons. I tried to do a little more than just plain  colored boxes everyday.

Although I soon grew tired of drawing/coloring in a new banner everyday and decided to go with this layout for the month of August. Yes, my cursive got a little funny for some of the headings. Oh well! The mistakes make it mine.

P1210653 (2)

I really like this layout so far because it allows me to draw it all out the weekend before and then I just have to fill it in as the week progresses. This also leaves me room to write about my day or add colorful quotes. After school starts back up, this blank space will probably be use to write down upcoming homework assignments/meetings.

As you can see, it also has a place to write down things I’m grateful for that day. I started this midway through July and its proved to be nice to list off some positives everyday. This also has a mini tracker for the amount of water I’ve had for the day. Hopefully this will work better than my other full month tracker that crashed and burned last month…


The following is very similar to my June and July events page. I have really enjoyed having this page at the start of every month. This allows me to list out all the events and appointments planned for the month.

P1210651 (2)

Last but not least… this is my last page for July. I decided to add a little more color. I have blurred out the top of the page.

P1210648 (2)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.