Yesterday, we made biscuit doughnuts!

Or doughnuts made out of biscuit dough…

You can make these with just some canned biscuit dough, oil, and cinnamon sugar.

First, you lay out your biscuit dough and use a little cookie cutter to take holes out of the middle of the dough. You then place the doughnut into hot oil and let it fry (you can do this with the doughnut holes too). After it is fried on both sides, remove the dough and set it aside (we used a plate with a paper towel). After they cool just a tad, dip both sides of the doughnut in cinnamon sugar and TADA! DOUGHNUTS!

I must say… they were pretty yummy. They definitely satisfied the craving I have had lately for fried dough rings! Haha. Just make sure you eat them over a plate or outside because the cinnamon sugar will get everywhere.

We used canned flaky biscuit dough (sourdough). We stayed away from “buttered” dough but I’m sure that would work too. Two bigger sized cans made about 16 doughnuts/doughnut holes.

Also, make sure your oil is hot enough to fry… the first doughnut hole we tried got super flaky and fell apart while it was cooking. Oops.

Another successful, yummy experiment!

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Ignore the screwdriver in the background… I used those to replace my laptop keyboard and forgot to move them…