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September 2016

3D Printer!


Just wanted to share some pictures/videos of the 3D printer that my group in Junior Design put together.

This 3D printer was built from one of the cheapest kits you can buy. Although the manual was kind of confusing, it wasn’t too difficult to build.

Now, we are suppose to improve on this design and then use this printer to make our own. Meaning, use a 3D printer to print off parts for another 3D printer.

Pretty fun stuff.

I know this next one is sideways… oops!

Here is our first print! It might look a little rough because we were having issues removing it from the printer bed… this was right before we twisted it free.


*The first picture is from Kyle Ward, one of my teammates in Junior Design.


Vanilla Bean Moon

So, I made a post a few months back about getting one of my pictures onto a bottle of Jones soda.

Well, we finally found it on an actual bottle (mom found it)!

I just thought I would share that in a quick post this week.

Have a wonderful Labor Day, my friends.

Take care of yourselves.


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