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Snow Glows White on the Mountain Tonight…

There was no school Friday because…


There was no school yesterday because… well… it is the weekend. BUT also snow.

Yesterday, along with attending a gameroom meeting, I helped build an igloo!

While the snowy/icy wind was quite bitter, the inside of the igloo was peaceful and protecting.

I can’t really remember the last time I stayed out and played in the snow until I could barely move… until yesterday. It’s kind of fun… cold… but fun.

Everything is now in the process of melting, thanks to the sun and blue skies. We will see if UNCA decides to hold classes tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure my little sister believes that this is the work of Elsa…

Elsa is going crazy again… she needs to calm down. Haha.

Today I’m catching up on homework… slowly but surely.

As the snow melts, I hope everyone continues to stay warm and safe.

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Tests and Roller Coasters

Today I had a statics test…

An awful… horrible… no good test that left us all a bit zombie-like.

But you know what? After leaving, feeling like I made a 20% (maybe), I made a 59%… almost a 60%… and I felt like partying.

It is strange to feel so excited about a 59% when in other classes, that grade would leave me feeling defeated.

In this class, though, a 59% is doing fairly well and I’m okay with it.

Earlier, after the exam, my friend / study partner, Ashley, and I were talking about how exams are like being forced to ride a roller coaster you don’t really wanna ride.

The week before the test, while you are studying, is the clicking part. The cart is slowly rising to the top of the coaster… you anticipate the ride down and are preparing yourself for it. The whole time, thinking “why am I doing this to myself?! How did I convince myself this was okay?”

The moment before the test, is like sitting at the top of the roller coaster. You can see the drop… you can see the rest of the ride. You sit there slightly (or really) panicking and waiting for the ride to be over.

Then… there is the ride. The actual test with terrifying, stomach-dropping slopes, loops that flip your brain all over, and other surprises along the way. The whole time you can’t stop thinking “shoot… what did I do?! I need to get off this ride! I can’t wait until this is over!”

You then step off the ride… you turn in your test. It is OVER! You walked away from it and that is what matters. You have this great sense of relief… while possibly also feeling a bit sick from what you just experienced. Either way… you are off the ride… you are no longer a part of what is happening on that ride.

The difference is you probably won’t ever have to get back on that roller coaster if you really hated the experience. Depending on where you are in the class, you will probably have to take another test. Maybe that is like riding a different roller coaster though… different fears… different twists and turns… a new experience with each ride.

I really liked this analogy… it described perfectly how I felt about this statics test.

Later, I thought about some of my experiences with roller coasters and thought of one that perfectly fit into this analogy.

Around 11th or 12th grade, I went on a field trip to Carowinds. Upon arriving, I was faced with the “Intimidator” (pictured above). It was… intimidating to say the least… I don’t like heights.

Somehow, my friends convinced me to ride it. “It’s not that bad… rides really smoothly… not as much clicking,” they said.


Haha… it really wasn’t that bad as far as clicking goes… but you are held down by what feels like very little and boy… is it ever so high. About half way up… I started panicking. I felt sick. I kept thinking, “we should have gone over the top by now… oh gosh… I looked down. We are only half way. I just wanna get this over with. Please hurry up…”

intimidator seats

Now… I don’t cuss. But it got BAD on the way to the top of this ride. I, almost involuntarily, started chanting “shit shit shit” (to the tune of a clicking roller coasters). I couldn’t stop… I was terrified.

Then we went over the edge, my stomach flew up to my throat and it is was over before I knew it. I was even somehow captured on the camera right as I got enough courage to hold my arms up for a split second.

I did it. I never want to do it again… but I did it.  Kind of like today’s statics test…

In the Eyes of Another

These photos are from Labor Day…

My family came up to visit me at school and we went to a park up in Montreat, NC.







A photograph is like viewing the world through another persons eyes… you relive that moment with them. You might not have the same thoughts or feelings towards that moment… but all the same you are seeing it from the same angle as they experienced it.

While a certain photograph might bring joy to one person, the same photo might bring sadness to someone else. It’s all up to the viewer. A photo can say 1,000 words but those 1,000 words may be a completely different story. It’s a little like two people reading the same book and picturing the main character completely different.

Even the photographer can look at his/her photo many years later and have different feelings towards it. Maybe it’s a photo of someone she once loved who is now out of her life… or a place that recently was given a new meaning… but all the same it’s her memory printed on paper (or in pixels).

That’s pretty much what photos are… memories ripped from your mind and placed on paper for others to see.

Photographs have the power to give a false sense of reality. People often only share the happy, exciting photos… the “I’m on vacation!” or the “I just got a great new job!” photos. This can lead to others viewing ones life from only one “perfect” point of view… when there are so many others sides of the photographer.

That is not including all that is done with photo editing… only the process of picking and choosing what we allow others to see.

I’m not saying to document every moment of your life… don’t hold down the “continuous shooting” button. It’s important to have memories that you share with only a few special people or ones you keep to yourself… ones that you hold close and treasure. At the same time though, it’s sometimes nice to look back on old memories, especially ones you might have forgotten. Good or bad, they were experiences in your life and at the time they were important enough that you decided to take a snapshot.

Something in that moment caught your eye… even if it was just a leaf on the pavement.

Niagara Falls – Canada

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, my family went to Canada this summer.

We had recently gotten passports… of course we wanted to use them!

After a long… long drive, we reached our first stop…

Niagara Falls (from the Canadian side).


One things for sure… there’s a lot of water. Haha


It’s amazing… it’s beautiful.


I’d say it’s worth a visit… pictures do not do it justice.

… Especially with all the mist.


If you want some more information about Niagara Falls… check these links out…

Devil’s Courthouse : Blue Ridge Parkway

Welcome to Devil’s Courthouse, just one of the many beautiful stops along the Blue Ridge Parkway!


Just a short, but fairly steep, hike from the pull off and you are surrounded by a panoramic view of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.




Beautiful place… worth the visit!

For more information on Devil’s Courthouse try the following links:

For more information on the Blue Ridge Parkway try these links:

All of the above pictures are mine from a Blue Ridge Parkway adventure on the 2nd.



A few weeks ago, my family went on a road trip…

Up to Canada/ Niagara Falls and then down the Northern coast some.

We stopped at one beach area in New Hampshire and came upon this sign.


“OH, cool! SEALS?!”

But of course, we were met with this…


A beach void of any seals.

Probably for the best… I could see it being difficult to keep the little ones away.

Still a beautiful beach with lots of other interesting things to explore.

Here’s the website that was on the bottom of that sign.

“Ocean education is what we do. We educate to motivate. We want everyone to recognize and understand that what we do every day has an impact on the health of the ocean and that ocean health impacts our daily lives. A healthy ocean drives our quality of life today and will for future generations.”

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