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Always a Project

I’ve been having trouble remembering to write a blog post every week. The minute I feel ahead of school work this semester, I quickly realize I’m behind. There’s always a project. There’s always a homework assignment. There’s always a test.

It’s a race to the finish line where hurdles enjoy launching themselves out of the ground in front of you.

“Phew… finally finished that homework assignment. It’s finally the weekend…time to rel-oh wait… there is also a project and paper for this same class due this Monday.”

Really though, I am enjoying (most of) my classes this semester. There’s a lot more hands on assignments than past semesters. For example, the 3D printer which I talked about in a previous post and the little car that I’m building for my embedded systems course.

I wish I had recorded a video from the last project. The car drove around in little shapes (circle, figure 8, and triangle). I might have to upload that code again and make a future post showing that. Haha.

This video is from this weeks homework assignment.

Here’s another video from our updated 3D printer. The pictures above are from our first test print after the ramps conversion (different firmware and hardware from my previous post). The bottom of the cube turned out a little funky but the rest is pretty decent.

Anyways, have a great weekend, my friends.

Welcome, Fall.



3D Printer!


Just wanted to share some pictures/videos of the 3D printer that my group in Junior Design put together.

This 3D printer was built from one of the cheapest kits you can buy. Although the manual was kind of confusing, it wasn’t too difficult to build.

Now, we are suppose to improve on this design and then use this printer to make our own. Meaning, use a 3D printer to print off parts for another 3D printer.

Pretty fun stuff.

I know this next one is sideways… oops!

Here is our first print! It might look a little rough because we were having issues removing it from the printer bed… this was right before we twisted it free.


*The first picture is from Kyle Ward, one of my teammates in Junior Design.

Rice and Ramen

You know what has been one of my favorite items to have at college?

My rice cooker.

As I type this, I’m actually eating rice and studying thermodynamics. It’s a party.

I enjoy making rice… it’s easy and cheap. A good college student meal. Like ramen noodles. Haha

I always have a bottle of low sodium soy sauce on hand but you can also add some seaweed, vegetables, fried egg, ect. You can pretty much add whatever you like to rice. It’s a pretty blank slate.

I’ve just finished my first full week of my 4th year of college. I can already tell it’s going to be a… busy semester.

I’m excited and slightly dreading it all at the same time.

Another semester… here I come. Or should I say… here you come.




Welcome Freshman!

My brother moved in to UNCA yesterday. It’s his first year of college. He’s also going to be doing the Mechatronics Engineering program here.

Welcome to college, little freshman.

May you have many adventures like….

Trying to put fitted sheets on a bunked bed…

Actually winning a game of pool in the Game Room (because of skill or accident)…

Learning your lesson about doing your assignments last minute…

Trying something in the cafeteria even though it is a little sketchy…

Getting a little lost on an ART bus adventure (not too lost, stay safe)…

And many other exciting adventures! Haha

May you all have a wonderful year! You can do it!


Gold Stars.

I often think about college students… considering I’m not only surrounded by them on a daily basis but am one myself. Most of us really are a just bunch of shapeshifters… preschoolers taking the form of adults.

Mainly, I’m talking about the “traditional” college student… or one who pursues college right from high school. We act like we are big… we are adults. We don’t need mommy or daddy… until we fall down, scrape ourselves and need a band-aid… but all the band-aids are on the top shelf!!

Being in college is like being in a weird little bubble. It acts as a place for people to try to figure out who they are going to be as they transition into adulthood.

College has been one of the most stressful, wonderful times of my life so far. Through panic and tears, has bloomed joy and laughter. While there have been moments at 12am, where I have wondered “why am I doing this to myself?! WHY AM I PAYING TO DO THIS TO MYSELF?!”… I would never give it back.

Last week, the week after Spring Break, felt like it was four times the length of a normal week. Friday morning, in a zombie-ish state, I couldn’t help but laugh over my pure excitement/happiness when my TA returned my homework assignment (that I had stressed over earlier that week) and I found they had added a Kylo Ren sticker to the top of the paper.

Yes, stickers on homework still make my day. I got the gold star!

On another note, it’s spring again! Look how pretty the view out this window in my residence hall is… as I start to slightly panic about next week!


Have a good week, everyone!

Soda Pop

Uff da… I haven’t posted in over two weeks!

I really do need to get more organized when it comes to running this blog.

This week is Spring Break! Which means the last two weeks were like the final stretch of a race. Your legs feel like they are about to give out from under you… yet you are trying to sprint to the finish line. I’ve made it.

Two weeks ago, I got a letter from the Jones Soda Company saying that one of my photos was chosen to be on the label of their soda bottles! I thought that was pretty cool… considering all I did was upload a couple photos to their website and then forget they were there.

I took this photo [of the moon] over the summer. I sat in the yard with the lens zoomed out as far as it would go and pointing towards the sky for about 1 to 1.5 hours. Now, it is somewhere out there on a soda bottle.

Somewhere out there…

Now, time to go work on a circuits project.


Sailing the Ship

I saw this GIF the other day and just sat there staring at it for a while. I’m a junior in college, at least with credit hours. In my major (Mechatronics Engineering) I’m still a sophomore.  Either way, I’ve been here two and a half years already. I’m not completely sure about the “junior” and “senior” parts of this GIF but the first two parts have been so true. Freshman year was very much like sailing in the breeze… new experiences, new people… freedom. Then, all of sudden, your boat starts taking in water. You have this moment of “oh no, what have I done?” There  are more responsibilities, more homework, more deadlines, and changes in relationships. Sometimes, it feels like you are constantly trying to prevent your boat from sinking. You are just trying to stay afloat. Hopefully the next two years aren’t too much like the GIF… Haha.

This video also made me laugh the other day. I may have just been sleep deprived… or remember back to when I was learning a new program language but I couldn’t stop. I especially love the following part:

“Let’s try it, I’m good at coding. What, are you kidding me, what could be wrong?”

“You forgot a colon.”

This has happened way to many times to me while working on my programs. It always seemed to be a silly mistake too… like forgetting a colon.

I feel your pain…

I also thought this kid was way too cute. Good luck figuring out life in general, little friend. Have a great Valentine’s Day weekend, everyone. Sending much love your way!

Surprise Me, Sunset

I realized the other day… I hadn’t seen a sunset in a while. I’m usually hiding away in some classroom trying to finish up the day so I can maybe get to sleep at a decent time.

The other day, Wednesday I think, I happened to be walking to the campus cafeteria around dinner time and I look over to spot the sky on fire.

Or well… the colors of fire.

The above picture does it no justice and I’m not sure who the dude walking through is… but such is life.

I realized I need to start paying more attention to… well… everything. My family… my friends… school work… the random beauty around me.


The sunset was a nice, colorful surprise at the end of a long day…

I’m glad I happened to actually pay attention to my surroundings.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a good weekend!



Snow Glows White on the Mountain Tonight…

There was no school Friday because…


There was no school yesterday because… well… it is the weekend. BUT also snow.

Yesterday, along with attending a gameroom meeting, I helped build an igloo!

While the snowy/icy wind was quite bitter, the inside of the igloo was peaceful and protecting.

I can’t really remember the last time I stayed out and played in the snow until I could barely move… until yesterday. It’s kind of fun… cold… but fun.

Everything is now in the process of melting, thanks to the sun and blue skies. We will see if UNCA decides to hold classes tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure my little sister believes that this is the work of Elsa…

Elsa is going crazy again… she needs to calm down. Haha.

Today I’m catching up on homework… slowly but surely.

As the snow melts, I hope everyone continues to stay warm and safe.

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