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Vanilla Bean Moon

So, I made a post a few months back about getting one of my pictures onto a bottle of Jones soda.

Well, we finally found it on an actual bottle (mom found it)!

I just thought I would share that in a quick post this week.

Have a wonderful Labor Day, my friends.

Take care of yourselves.



Rice and Ramen

You know what has been one of my favorite items to have at college?

My rice cooker.

As I type this, I’m actually eating rice and studying thermodynamics. It’s a party.

I enjoy making rice… it’s easy and cheap. A good college student meal. Like ramen noodles. Haha

I always have a bottle of low sodium soy sauce on hand but you can also add some seaweed, vegetables, fried egg, ect. You can pretty much add whatever you like to rice. It’s a pretty blank slate.

I’ve just finished my first full week of my 4th year of college. I can already tell it’s going to be a… busy semester.

I’m excited and slightly dreading it all at the same time.

Another semester… here I come. Or should I say… here you come.




Caution: A Super Yummy Mess


Yesterday, we made biscuit doughnuts!

Or doughnuts made out of biscuit dough…

You can make these with just some canned biscuit dough, oil, and cinnamon sugar.

First, you lay out your biscuit dough and use a little cookie cutter to take holes out of the middle of the dough. You then place the doughnut into hot oil and let it fry (you can do this with the doughnut holes too). After it is fried on both sides, remove the dough and set it aside (we used a plate with a paper towel). After they cool just a tad, dip both sides of the doughnut in cinnamon sugar and TADA! DOUGHNUTS!

I must say… they were pretty yummy. They definitely satisfied the craving I have had lately for fried dough rings! Haha. Just make sure you eat them over a plate or outside because the cinnamon sugar will get everywhere.

We used canned flaky biscuit dough (sourdough). We stayed away from “buttered” dough but I’m sure that would work too. Two bigger sized cans made about 16 doughnuts/doughnut holes.

Also, make sure your oil is hot enough to fry… the first doughnut hole we tried got super flaky and fell apart while it was cooking. Oops.

Another successful, yummy experiment!

P1210660 (2)

Ignore the screwdriver in the background… I used those to replace my laptop keyboard and forgot to move them…

Raindrop Cake… ?

So… you may or may not have heard of a “raindrop cake.” It was all over the internet a few months back. If you search “raindrop cake” in Google, you’ll find tons of pictures of what it is suppose to look like.

I’m not sure what makes it a “cake”… it’s more like a flavorless gelatin.

It’s strange.

I wanted to try my hand at making them… so I used the recipe from The Cooking of Joy blog.

This was one of the first ones I made using this recipe  (or well… the first one that didn’t just deteriorate when it hit the plate).


It turned out pretty well, I thought. It was like eating water.

The next one I made, I added a bit of blue food coloring to help it stand out a bit.

The only thing different from the previous one is the color. It tasted exactly the same.

One piece of advice I have for those wanting to try to make these “cakes” is to let them set overnight. The first couple ones I made, I only let sit in the fridge a few hours. I’m pretty sure this is why they fell apart almost immediately.

I would also recommend topping the cake with something. It’s originally topped with black sugar syrup and roasted soy flour… maybe this improves the flavor/enhances the experience? I thought honey was decent on it, though Nate said it was “the worst.”

I also wanted to try my hand at making some weird flavored “Jello.”  I tried adding a little bit of Kool-Aid to the recipe. This did not turn out well at all. The flavor was very… off and it fell apart quickly.

I convinced Nate to try some of it by telling him it was goblin boogers…

Little boys are strange.

Peanut Noodles


The other night, my family made some peanut noodles.

Although the picture above doesn’t do it justice (I’m not the best at plating)…

It was really quite yummy… and spicy.

We made the sauce from a Gado Gado recipe we had tried before.



(Sorry this is so small… if you want to read it, you could probably open it in another tab and zoom in…?)

The Gado Gado, though not one of our favorites, is also worth trying!

With the peanut noodles we mixed in bean sprouts, red cabbage, chicken, cilantro, cucumbers, and green onions.

Though you could really add whatever you wanted (if anything)!

Fairly quick… pretty easy… quite yummy meal.


Here’s a picture of the red cabbage…

I thought it was really pretty when we cut it but the more I tried to get a picture.. the more it looked like some sort of brain to me.

Brains are pretty too, right?

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