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Ben Sollee

On Friday, October 7th, some friends and I  attended an Elephant Revival/Ben Sollee concert.

Although both groups ended up being pretty amazing, I originally went to go see Ben Sollee play.

The above is a (cellphone quality) video of Ben Sollee talking/playing. I’m pretty sure that is the same first noise that I heard on a cello. Haha.

Fun times…

Bonus: Here’s some pictures of Sparrow, Nate, and I (and Kirsten, my roommate, hiding in the first one) trick-or-treating in the residence halls.


I keep completely forgetting to post. Between school and life… I’ve been non-stop running. I’m ready for the semester to wrap itself up.





Vanilla Bean Moon

So, I made a post a few months back about getting one of my pictures onto a bottle of Jones soda.

Well, we finally found it on an actual bottle (mom found it)!

I just thought I would share that in a quick post this week.

Have a wonderful Labor Day, my friends.

Take care of yourselves.


Rice and Ramen

You know what has been one of my favorite items to have at college?

My rice cooker.

As I type this, I’m actually eating rice and studying thermodynamics. It’s a party.

I enjoy making rice… it’s easy and cheap. A good college student meal. Like ramen noodles. Haha

I always have a bottle of low sodium soy sauce on hand but you can also add some seaweed, vegetables, fried egg, ect. You can pretty much add whatever you like to rice. It’s a pretty blank slate.

I’ve just finished my first full week of my 4th year of college. I can already tell it’s going to be a… busy semester.

I’m excited and slightly dreading it all at the same time.

Another semester… here I come. Or should I say… here you come.




Bullet Journal: Month Two

This is just a summary of how my bullet journal has evolved over the last month. This is my second month using a bullet journal and it’s already evolved quite a bit from when I first started.

For example, I have started to include more quotes throughout the month… the above picture is one example.

P1210635 (2)

This months “theme” was banners and ribbons. I tried to do a little more than just plain  colored boxes everyday.

Although I soon grew tired of drawing/coloring in a new banner everyday and decided to go with this layout for the month of August. Yes, my cursive got a little funny for some of the headings. Oh well! The mistakes make it mine.

P1210653 (2)

I really like this layout so far because it allows me to draw it all out the weekend before and then I just have to fill it in as the week progresses. This also leaves me room to write about my day or add colorful quotes. After school starts back up, this blank space will probably be use to write down upcoming homework assignments/meetings.

As you can see, it also has a place to write down things I’m grateful for that day. I started this midway through July and its proved to be nice to list off some positives everyday. This also has a mini tracker for the amount of water I’ve had for the day. Hopefully this will work better than my other full month tracker that crashed and burned last month…


The following is very similar to my June and July events page. I have really enjoyed having this page at the start of every month. This allows me to list out all the events and appointments planned for the month.

P1210651 (2)

Last but not least… this is my last page for July. I decided to add a little more color. I have blurred out the top of the page.

P1210648 (2)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.



The Last Airbender

Lately, my family has been re-watching “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Re-watching for the third time… I think.

It’s a great series. It’s appropriate for pretty much all ages (occasionally, it’s too intense for my littlest sister). It has the fighting and action… it has the love stories and enemies… it has the emotional heart-string pulling moments.

Aang, the main character and Avatar, is 12 years old for the length of this series.

When you really think about all they put this kid through during this show… it’s crazy. A 12 year-old whose responsibility is to help fight the fire nation in a war that has lasted a 100 years. Whose responsibility is to bring peace back to an entire world.  The amount of love and strength they gave this character is incredible.

The show will probably always be one of my favorites.

You can tell it’s one of my family’s favorites… our dog is even named Appa. You see that flying bison (the giant flying creature with an arrow on its head) in the background of the above picture? That’s Appa. An incredibly strong, protecting, loving, and loyal creature.

This is one of the few shows I feel I could binge watch and still want more.

*The above picture was from this website. According to the quiz, I’m Toph. Which Avatar: The Last Airbender Character Are You?

Bullet Journal: One Month

A month ago, I started a bullet journal.


So far, I have really enjoyed how it keeps everything organized. It is a great place to keep lists and use as a personalized planner.

*If you don’t know what a bullet journal is… there are a lot of helpful links on Google and Pinterest.

We will see how it evolves over time as I’ve already been trying out different designs.


I started off with a very rounded floral design and quickly realized that I didn’t have enough time to do that every day. For July, I am trying banners for pretty much every heading, although I might just end up with colorful squares again.

I’ve also already changed some of my daily tracker (June is pictured at the very top). I took out some categories that turned out to be unhelpful and changed some of the mood options. It’s a work in progress.


I would definitely recommend this style of journal for anyone who likes to make lists and keep track of  random things.

Have fun!

“Little” Fluff Ball

A few weeks ago, my family got a Great Pyrenees puppy!

Meet Appa.

It’s weird to think about how big this little fluff ball is going to get…

He’s already quite a bit bigger than when we first got him.

Here’s some pictures from a few weeks ago.

Through the Darkness…


It seems like every time I’ve turned on the news lately, it has been filled with sadness and hate. It has been filled with death and cruelty. It has been filled with darkness.

It’s still difficult to think about what happened in Orlando this past Sunday. It’s hard to imagine that someone could walk into a building and take so many human lives. It’s painful to think about how one human could contain such darkness.

No matter what your views and/or opinions are on how these individuals (the victims) lived their lives… please put that aside. They were still humans… friends… sons… daughters… lovers…

No one deserves what happened to these 102 (49 dead, 53 injured) individuals.

No one.

Through all this darkness… we still need to look for the light.

Like any dark blanket that has covered the Earth throughout history… there has been candles of light. There has been all the people giving blood, JetBlues offer of free flights to the immediate family and domestic partners of victims, and all the love and kindness pouring out from communities around the world.

This world may never be safe from darkness but when the lights go out… we should always keep looking for the candles in the crowd.

Sending much love to the Orlando victims and their families.

Also sending love to Cristina Grimmies family. Christina was shot and killed after performing a concert on June 11th (also in Orlando but seemingly unrelated). I had watched her first YouTube videos quite a bit when they first were posted but it had been 2 years since I’d looked her up.

Beautiful people… may you rest in peace…

Congratulations, Little Brother.

Tonight, my little brother graduated from high school.



It has been a long, hard trek and now that door is closing behind him… allowing him to open many other doors.

It’s crazy. It feels like just yesterday, he was a coo-coo little kindergartner jumping up on the bus the first day and yelling, “THE EXIT!! WE ARE HERE!!”

Just yesterday… we were running around in the yard and making “villages” with fallen leaves.

Just yesterday… I was sitting in the after school program at my elementary school crying and frantic because I knew my silly little brother had taken the bus and there wouldn’t be anyone home to greet him.

Just yesterday… I was watching him overcome things that certain people told us he would never be able to do.

Just today… I watched him walk across the stage and graduate high school.

It’s crazy how time has flown…

Congrats, little brother. I’m so very proud of you.

Now it’s time to party!

I love you, my little brother.



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