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Congratulations, Little Brother.

Tonight, my little brother graduated from high school.



It has been a long, hard trek and now that door is closing behind him… allowing him to open many other doors.

It’s crazy. It feels like just yesterday, he was a coo-coo little kindergartner jumping up on the bus the first day and yelling, “THE EXIT!! WE ARE HERE!!”

Just yesterday… we were running around in the yard and making “villages” with fallen leaves.

Just yesterday… I was sitting in the after school program at my elementary school crying and frantic because I knew my silly little brother had taken the bus and there wouldn’t be anyone home to greet him.

Just yesterday… I was watching him overcome things that certain people told us he would never be able to do.

Just today… I watched him walk across the stage and graduate high school.

It’s crazy how time has flown…

Congrats, little brother. I’m so very proud of you.

Now it’s time to party!

I love you, my little brother.




Surprise Me, Sunset

I realized the other day… I hadn’t seen a sunset in a while. I’m usually hiding away in some classroom trying to finish up the day so I can maybe get to sleep at a decent time.

The other day, Wednesday I think, I happened to be walking to the campus cafeteria around dinner time and I look over to spot the sky on fire.

Or well… the colors of fire.

The above picture does it no justice and I’m not sure who the dude walking through is… but such is life.

I realized I need to start paying more attention to… well… everything. My family… my friends… school work… the random beauty around me.


The sunset was a nice, colorful surprise at the end of a long day…

I’m glad I happened to actually pay attention to my surroundings.

Happy Friday, everyone! Have a good weekend!




I’m working on a bridge designing project in my statics class…

This is a group project… a team building exercise.

All week my statics professor has been stressing the importance of “teamwork”…

The same professor who has forbidden us to work on homework together.

This is the exception… I guess.

Anyways, the project guidelines included the above picture.

I thought it was funny… I decided to share it… that’s pretty much all there was to it. Haha.

Good night, my friends.

I will be up for a while longer… teaching myself circuits before tomorrow test.

Have a good week!!

Crazy Saturday Night


Just another crazy Saturday night…

My glass is full of hot chocolate and my computer is ready for some binge watching of 209 (C programming) lectures.

Awwww yeah. I know how to party…

Expensive Skyping

If I haven’t mentioned before, I’m a student at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA)… taking many of my Mechatronics Engineering classes from North Carolina State University (NCSU).

In other words, I’m a distance education (DE) student.

It’s a fantastic program… I really do enjoy it…

But let me tell you… that’s an expensive Skype call.

It’s not exactly Skype… the school uses another program (the name has left my mind for the moment)… but it’s the same concept.

The schools call each other and, once connected, the professor lectures us through a video conference.

There is even about as many technical problems as I have had with Skype calls!

In reality, there is a lot more that goes into the programs than just a Skype-ish call.

There’s the help of TA’s at UNCA, NCSU, and other schools that participate in that particular class…

There’s the homework/exams… some online… some on paper that have to be scanned and submitted (usually online)…

There’s all the people that go into making the video conferencing programs work.

In other words, DE requires a ton of communication between people that  would normally probably never talk otherwise.

One of my favorite things about it is (at least through NCSU’s program) you can access and re-watch the lectures later.

This especially helps if you’ve had that one day where you were just not all there in class… trust me… there are definitely those day.

Isn’t it amazing how technology can change things… for example… our education options?

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